Which Candela Laser Should You Choose?

Laseraid exists to make laser ownership easy and affordable. We know the industry inside out, and understand that choosing the right laser machine for your business is an important decision. Because we are not a device manufacturer, we are able to offer the gold standard device for every scenario and can provide you with advice on your most critical decision.

Our most popular lasers are from Candela. Candela lasers are used in the latest treatment processes for laser hair removal and the complete range of skin rejuvenation applications. At Laseraid, we stock, the Candela GentleLASE Plus, Candela Mini GentleLASE, and the Candela Mini GentleYAG.

But which Candela laser should you choose?

Our three machines are equipped with the Dynamic Cooling Device, unique to Candela, ensuring patient safety and comfort. The Dynamic Cooling Device contains adjustable epidermal protection technology, which sprays cryogen onto the skin, effectively cooling the upper layers and ensuring patients maximum comfort.

The Candela GentleLASE Plus is Candela’s original hair removal laser. Operating in a way that effectively and permanently removes hair, the GentleLASE Plus is also comfortable for patients during their treatment. In addition to laser hair removal, the 755 nm Alexandrite laser may also treat skin pigmentation, vascular lesions and fine lines. Candela GentleLASE Plus is one of the most effective machines on the market.

However, the Candela Mini GentleLASE is the next version of GentleLASE PLUS. This machine also treats hair removal as well as pigmented skin and vascular lesions but has a faster repetition rate (up to 1.5 Hz) than that of the GentleLASE Plus.

The Mini GentleLASE is Candela’s premier hair removal laser, the Gold Standard of laser hair removal, treating quickly, comfortably and safely. In addition to laser hair removal, the Candela Mini GentleLASE is also capable of treating:

• Epidermal pigmented lesions
• Sun-damaged skin
• Age spots
• Freckles
• Vascular anomalies
• Spider veins
• Telangiectasia on the face and legs
• Telangiectatic Matting
• Reduce the appearance of bear bumps

The Candela Mini GentleLASE is adaptable to treat all skin types, however, it is most effective on lighter skin types.

Are you treating patients with darker skin? The Candela Mini GentleYAG is known for its ultimate versatility. It is capable of treating patients all year round, with a range of skin types, including darker skin. The Candela Mini GentleYAG is the most beneficial in treating skin with darker pigmentation due to its deep penetration with minimal scattering of laser energy.

The Candela Mini GentleYAG can be used to:
• Permanently remove hair;
• Reduce beard bumps;
• Lessen the physical signs of wrinkles; and
• Reduce the appearance of facial and leg veins.


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