When it comes to dealing with unwanted hair, two of the most effective options available are electrolysis and laser hair removal, and the right choice will depend on your situation. The following is a brief look at deciding which will be the better option for your hair removal needs.

How much hair do you want to be removed?

If you are looking to permanently deal with a large patch of unwanted hair and are on a limited budget, your best bet will usually be laser hair removal, as it will be a lot less expensive over a large area compared to electrolysis. If you want to deal with a smaller area, electrolysis will generally be the better choice, especially in sensitive areas, and will more often than not represent better value than laser removal on a small job.

What colour is your hair?

The colour of your hair does make a difference, and if you have hair that is white, grey or red, you are best choosing electrolysis for your hair removal needs. This is because the laser hair removal machines work by targeting the melanin in the hair, and those with white, grey or red hair don’t have enough melanin in their hair for the procedure to work effectively.

By when do you need hair removal to be completed?

If you are in no hurry to have your hair removal done, your options are open as to which hair removal method you choose, but if you have a large amount of hair you need to remove and not a lot of time to do it, laser hair removal is easily your best bet. You may be able to use electrolysis for some areas, but due to its extremely time-consuming nature, your only real chance of being hair-free in time for that big event is to make use of laser machines.

How well can you handle pain?

If you are someone who has a rather low pain tolerance level, electrolysis may not be for you, as it is definitely a procedure that many find to be quite painful. Laser hair removal can also be painful, but far less so than electrolysis; so if you have a lot of hair that you need to be removed, choose laser hair removal.

Do you have sensitive skin?

Any type of hair removal will likely be quite hard on sensitive skin, as there will usually be some sort of inflammation as a side effect, but if your skin is extra sensitive, it is best to avoid using laser hair removal. The exposure to heat has caused some people with sensitive skin to have their skin conditions flare-up. To be on the safe side, be sure to talk to your dermatologist before choosing your hair removal technique.

It is important to take your time and find the hair removal method that works best for you, because otherwise, you may simply be replacing one problem with another. Do your research and get plenty of advice so that you can have your hair removal needs taken care of in the healthiest way possible.