Winter Skin Care

The winter months are the perfect time to undergo laser treatments such as skin resurfacing with less sun exposure and cooler weather conditions and plenty of time for your customers to get the required recuperation post procedure.

Cosmetic laser skin resurfacing procedures can improve the overall texture and skin tone by targeting wrinkles, fine lines, pigmentation as well as improving the appearance of acne scars and sun damage. The procedure works by targeting specific skin cells to speed up the cell rejuvenation process, by removing the top layers of skin to reveal brand new, healthy skin. Results can make the client look and feel years younger.

Laseraid is the proud supplier of IPL devices that specialize in skin resurfacing treatments along with a number of other treatment applications.

At Laseraid we aim to make laser ownership easy and affordable, whether you would prefer to rent, hire purchase or buy one of our machines. If you are interested in offering skin resurfacing treatments in your clinic, visit our prices page or to speak to one of our friendly team, call us on (02) 9011 5509.

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