Contrary to popular opinion, laser hair removal, while revolutionary, isn’t for everyone. The way that most laser hair removal machines work is by being absorbed by the melanin in your hair. This means that the darker your hair is against your skin, the better the process will work. New technologies, however, are being developed and improved upon each day, so that some candidates who were previously unsuitable for laser hair removal are enjoying fantastic results. If you’re wondering whether laser hair removal is for you, read on to discover more!

Light Skin, Dark Hair

Basically, if you have light skin and hair that is much darker, laser hair removal should work well for you. Because the laser is absorbed and attracted by melanin, it works better when there is a big contrast between the hair follicles and the surrounding skin. If you have relatively pale skin, or skin that rarely sees the sun (this is why bikini lines are usually such good areas to work with) and brown or black hair, laser hair removal is likely to have the most dramatic results on you.

Blonde, Red or Grey Hair

Folks with blonde, grey or red hair often have a harder time getting laser hair removal treatment, and until recently, would not have been considered candidates at all. New technologies and stronger lasers have meant that there is hope for people with lighter hair colours, however, but it still depends on the level of technology used at your laser clinic and on the contrast between the skin itself and the hair follicles. With technology advancing every day, though, we’re confident that it will not be long until all skin and hair types can enjoy the benefits of laser hair removal.

Dark Skin

People with black or very tanned skin are not usually candidates for laser hair removal at this time. Because dark skin doesn’t provide enough of a contrast for the hair to fully absorb the laser, and while the resulting hair loss may be substantial, it will not usually be 100%. In addition to this, it will always depend upon the technology used by the clinic and the general quality of the machines. Brands like Candela and Palomar are trusted in the field and invest a lot of money into innovation, so it’s important to speak to your clinic individually and see what they can offer you. If it is decided that you are not a candidate, electrolysis, or other forms of at-home hair removal are also effective.