What a Person’s Hair Down There Can Say About Them

Today, the maintenance and grooming of pubic hair has created a major industry. There are so many ways to groom pubic hair, and some argue that the way a person chooses to keep their ‘hair down there’ says a lot about them.

Those who keep a full crop of hair are thought to have strong convictions and be the sort of person that others either love or hate. Generally, these people identify themselves as feminist.

Women who have just the ‘landing strip’ are considered well put together and capable of making any trend that they try work for them. These women tend to be meticulous but typically only try things that they feel they will be good at.

People who have a triangle of pubic hair may well be set in their ways, and be definite about the things that they do and do not like.

Women who feature a special shape (perhaps a lightning bolt or a heart) in the pubic area may love attention and go to some significant lengths to get it. It is not unusual for these women to have tried some slightly zany and even dangerous things.

Women who keep their pubic area completely hair-free are likely to be a perfectionist (but may be thought to have OCD tendencies). They love things to be ordered, neat and tidy no matter what the occasion.

Source:  http://www.thefrisky.com/2013-02-25/what-your-hair-down-there-says-about-you/

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