Waxing vs Laser Hair Removal for Businesses

Why more women and men are increasingly choosing laser hair removal over waxing and why it’s the better option.

Summer is just around the corner in Australia and women everywhere are getting ready. They are spending more time at the gym, using self-tanner and thinking about their hair removal needs. For men and women alike, removing unwanted body hair is a must as hemlines get shorter and muscle tees and tanks become daily wear. And the most popular activity on everyone’s list this summer: the beach. Bikinis and board shorts mean that people are taking hair removal very seriously.

cosmopolitan poll from March 2014 revealed that 98% of their readers “groom their bikini lines.” The majority of these women – 71% -went for a brazilian with the remainder trimming and tidying their bikini lines. So what does all of this mean for laser hair removal? A lot. There is a major market opportunity for laser hair removal as the desire to remove unwanted body hair becomes more popular.

The advantages of laser hair removal are numerous. Obviously, the biggest draw is that it’s permanent, but it’s also less painful and much quicker than waxing. If you are business looking to offer laser hair removal than choosing the right equipment can be daunting and confusing. Laseraid makes the process easy. Laseraid offers some of the most sophisticated laser hair removal equipment in Australia: Candela GentleLASE, Palomar IPL and StarLux. We also offer the Zimmer cooling device for client comfort. Importantly, whether renting or buying all of their packages come with warranty services, installation and training. Laseraid is the first step to offering your clients laser hair removal. The next step is easy: show them how great it is.

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