Using Laser Treatment for Brown Spots

Brown spots are one of the most common types of skin conditions. Spots are usually caused by sun exposure, which leads to the body producing melanin to protect the skin.

There are different ways to prevent and treat brown spots, and they range from sun protection to in-clinic treatment options.

Brown spots can be prevented through the use of broad-spectrum sunscreen. Treatment options primarily include using topical bleaching agents. Commonly used agents include kojic acid, alpha hydroxyl acid, tretinoin, and hydroquinone.

Laser technology can also be used to treat brown spots. There are safe treatments that require little or no time off work for the patient. Examples of laser technology include FotoFacial and Intense Pulse Light, which are used to remove melanin.

Other laser-based treatment options such as the 532 nm wavelength can require some time off work, as the procedure usually results in temporary scabbing before the skin heals. Time away from work after laser treatment can be anywhere from a week to a few weeks, depending on how many treatments are needed.


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