If you’re considering making the leap into owning your own laser hair removal practice but don’t know the next step to take, we’re here to help. From finding quality and inexpensive laser hair removal machines to marketing your business on your own, we’ve got some great tips to get you headed in the right direction. Owning your own laser hair removal clinic can be incredibly rewarding, and even more so if you start out with the right elements in place. Good luck!

Secure a Premises

Once you’ve decided to open your own business, finding the right location is key. Ideally, you should balance out the rent you’ll be paying with the amount of business the location alone is likely to bring in. For example, a clinic in a busy location with high pedestrian traffic is likely to attract clients simply through its positioning, but might be more expensive in terms of rent.

On the other hand, you might find premises that are very low in rent but might not get a lot of visibility or traffic. Don’t assume that the cheapest rent will result in the biggest profit margins–sometimes paying a little bit more is well worth the risk.

Secure Equipment

Deciding on which equipment to purchase for your new business is a tricky process. It depends largely on the kind of business you want to run and how much capital you have to inject.

Buying second-hand machines from a reputable, high quality dealer or brands such as Palomar will ensure that you get higher quality for less, but alternatively if you want the latest technology you will need to fork out more cash. It all depends on how you see your start-up running, and a lot of new business owners choose to start off with second-hand equipment and then upgrade as their client base grows.

Market Yourself

With the rise of social media and Internet marketing, promoting your business has never been easier or less expensive. Sites such as Facebook provide great opportunities to get people involved, plus you can invite clients to ‘tell a friend’ to receive a discount on their next treatment. Especially with things like hair removal, women (and, increasingly, men) talk about how and where they got the best service and results. If you focus on making every client feel like royalty and make sure that they get the best results possible, people will begin to talk. There may be a lot of competition out there but the way you can get an edge is by standing out in terms of service and quality.