Tips for a Successful Beauty Business

1. Think Big

When running a small business, it’s natural to think in terms of limitations, budgets and figures. While that is extremely important, sometimes it’s worth ‘thinking big’ to expand business horizons and push for ingenuity. During creative meetings, rather than brainstorming ideas within your budget instead push your team to think bigger. Ask, “what would we do if we had no limits?” start outside of the square and then work from there.

2. Stay on Trend

Most businesses need to stay on-trend in order to keep apace with the competition. In the case of the beauty industry, this is absolutely paramount. Customers will be more willing to visit and trust a business that is knowledgeable in their field, and up to date.

3. Ask for Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is a lifeline toward quality service. Many customers will not speak-up without prompting, so something as simple as a post-service questionnaire can make a huge difference to your business. Social media is also a great tool for feedback, customer interaction, and industry involvement.

4. Beauty & The Man

Women might now be your primary market, but cultural and beauty standards are shifting in male grooming. Men are increasingly looking toward beautifying treatments, laser hair removal and laser skin treatments. Try not to exclude men by making your business overtly feminine, something more gender neutral will encourage men to visit.

5. Hire Well

Hiring staff that are both knowledgeable and personable is extremely important to your business. Clients often feel nervous or intimidated during their initial visits (particularly because treatments often involve new and sometimes daunting technologies). Your staff must be able to reassure and comfort your client; introducing them to the service, the treatment and your business in an approachable and agreeable manner. Your staff are the face of the business and should guarantee your clients a comfortable and pleasurable experience every time.

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