The Pain of Being Beautiful

Women go to great lengths to enhance their beauty. From fashionable clothes and high heels to diets, exercise, makeup, skin care, hair removal, hair cuts and colour, shellac manicures and pedicures, Botox, Thermage and plastic surgery, the list goes on and on.

Women are their own harshest critics, which is why so many put endless amounts of time, money and effort into their looks. Endless amounts of shopping for the latest fashions, testing out new and expensive skin creams, and splurging on pretty accessories are all things that help some women feel good about themselves.

Many women are even willing to endure painful procedures in order to look their best.

Two common procedures are particularly painful: injectables and laser hair removal machines. Fillers have been known to sting quite badly and Thermage often feels like burning on the skin. These are procedures that no one would want to experience too regularly, and yet are very popular for making women feel more beautiful.


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