The Key to Clearing Your Skin is Palomar!


Palomar produces the world’s most advanced pulsed light systems and that’s why we choose to provide their machines to improve your business. There are so many ways to use Palomar’s fantastic products, including hair removal, fractional non-ablative and ablative skin resurfacing, photo facials, fractional skin tightening, treatments for leg veins and acne.

Today we’re going to focus on Photo rejuvenation and Photo facials, which can be performed using Palomar’s StarLux platform.

Photo rejuvenation and Photo facials are done with Intense Pulsed Light, also known as IPL. IPL uses broad-spectrum light, which filters out the unwanted harmful wavelengths to keep your skin safe. The desired wavelengths penetrate your skin easily and without disrupting it and red blood vessels as well as brown pigments absorb the light. Your immune system recognises that something is happening and works to absorb the blood vessels. That’s how they seem to vanish like magic!

Brown spots will eventually flake off after 3-5 days and as time goes on, you will see improvement in your skin. For facial veins you might need 3-5 treatments.

The most common areas that IPL is used to treat include the back of hands, face, neck, décolletage and shoulders. These areas frequently develop superficial brown spots, sun damage, red spots, red hues and rosacea. If you want to reduce the appearance of any of these conditions, treatment with the Palomar StarLux is for you!

If you’re a business that wants to help people to look younger and feel more comfortable in their own skin, the StarLux device is a fantastic go-to and Laseraid can help you to buy, rent or hire-purchase it for the best prices in the industry.

We offer you the best equipment for affordable prices so that you can offer your clients the best services. Place your trust where over 400 clients have done across Australia and New Zealand for the reassurance you need.

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