The Importance of Customer Experience

At Laseraid we pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service to Australia’s leading clinics and salons. Laseraid are Australia’s most trusted laser supplier. Not only do we make laser ownership easy and affordable but provide you with helpful advice, service solutions and training to ensure you deliver the best customer experience.

Outstanding customer experience is necessary in order to keep your clients returning for further treatments. Skin diagnosis is an important part of every treatment. If you fail to diagnose a clients skin type correctly, the treatment you give them may also be incorrect and result in unwanted side effects.

Different Skin types

Type 1: A person with pale white skin and a very fair skin tone. Typically they will burn easily and never tan.

Type 2: A person with white skin and a fair skin tone. Usually they will burn easily and find it difficult to tan.

Type 3: A person with white skin and a fair to moderate skin tone. They will burn moderately but tan gradually.

Type 4: A person with light brown skin and a medium skin tone. They will rarely burn and always tan well.

Type 5: A person with brown skin and an olive or dark skin tone. They will very rarely burn and tan very easily.

Type 6: A person with black skin and a very dark skin tone. Their skin will be deeply pigmented and they will never burn.

Every person has a different skin type and the treatment given to them will be based on this. In order to deliver the correct treatment you must confirm the clients skin type by following these simple steps:

  1. Use the Fitzpatrick Skin Type test to determine which Fitzpatrick Skin Type each client has.
  2. Check the skin type description matches your client’s skin appearance and characteristics, using the Fitzpatrick Skin Type Overview.
  3. Measure the spot size and then use the Treatment Guidelines to determine the correct settings.

The clients own opinion of their ability to burn and tan must be taken into account as well as their ethnic background when phototyping.

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