The Different Laser Skin Treatments Explained

There are so many topical creams on the market, but nothing can make your skin glow like a laser treatment. They aren’t always cheap, and there are some risks on occasion so we’ve put together a list of the important points to consider when it comes to laser skin treatments.


This is a pulsed dye laser treatment which is ideal for correcting anything pink or red. This includes everything from rosacea to scars and broken capillaries. The only real side effect here is if your scar is pink it will appear purple for a few days. It will also require more than one visit.

Prices start from around $300 a treatment.


This laser, sporting a 1550 wavelength, is a standard resurfacing wavelength. It’s perfect for pore size, fine lines, brown spots and skin texture. You need to stay out of the sun after this treatment for four or five days so it’s not recommended during the summer months. The effects are cumulative, so you should start with monthly treatments for five months to begin with.


This is actually a radio frequency tightening device, not a laser. It’s most commonly used on the lower abdomen and the jowls. The major side effects of this are swelling and pink pigmentation. There could also be some slight tingling in the treated area. The price is approximately $3,500 per treatment, with lasting effects for around three years.


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