Technology and Beauty: How They Come Together

Although there are constantly new beauty products and treatments being introduced to the market, only a small handful of them can actually claim to be technologically innovative. More and more, the fields of science and technology are fuelling beauty industry growth, as new innovations create and promote new beauty products and treatments. With some of the latest beauty treatment technologies becoming highly accessible to the masses, beauty trends are moving forward just as fast as the industry itself. The following are just some of the ways beauty and technology collide.

Laser machines

While laser technology for the treatment of various skin conditions has been around for a little while now, the machines keep getting more sophisticated and more effective. Lasers can be used cosmetically for skin rejuvenation, laser tattoo removal, laser eye surgery, laser stretch mark removal, birthmark removal and skin pigmentation alterations. Laser hair removal machines are particularly revolutionary for women and men who want to remove unsightly body hair, as they offer an excellent (and pain-free) alternative to waxing.


Nowhere has the collision between technology and beauty been more apparent than through the use of Photoshop. The development of this software has changed the face of beauty forever, as magazines and fashion advertisements can use it to retouch and perfect the look of models. This level of perfection has certainly taken the beauty world by storm, encouraging millions of women all over the world to seek their own version of it.

Permanent cosmetics

While people have been getting regular tattoos for a long time now, the use of tattooing technology for cosmetic purposes isn’t all that old. Tattoos are basically the permanent pigmentation of the skin and can be done to resemble makeup, such as eye lining, and enhance the colours of eyebrows, lips, face and eyelids. It can also disguise scars and white spots on the skin, and enhance the areola on the breasts following breast enhancement or augmentation surgery.

DNA correction and repair

Skin products that target genes and DNA correction are a hot trend at the moment, as scientists claim to have come up with a product that contains ingredients that change the rate at which skin cells age. In essence, this “re-programs” the skin to look younger than it really is. Some products are already on the market, such as night creams that claim to neutralise up to 90% of environmentally generated free radicals before they begin to make an irreversible impact on the skin’s appearance.

Eyelash growth stimulators

Latisse, a product that was originally designed to treat glaucoma, is now being prescribed to treat hypotrichosis, an abnormal hair growth condition that affects the eyelashes. Naturally, as its eyelash growth properties were also discovered, it is also being used cosmetically to enhance the thickness and length of eyelashes. Now there are plenty of other brands out there that claim the same positive effects, and use swertia herb extract to stimulate the hair root, polypeptides to provide protein and amino acids, and many more.

Technology and beauty have a long-standing relationship with each other, and are continually teaming up to bring the latest in beauty products and treatments. The world of beauty would be vastly different today if it weren’t for the technological advancements that brought about its evolution.

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