Studying the Science of Beauty

The medical aesthetics industry is expanding rapidly, driven by the ageing population and the growing importance of physical appearance and self-image. Two years ago, American-licensed aesthetician Sylvia Cancio opened La Manille, a professional school in the Philippines, with the goal of boosting local standards for aestheticians.

Introducing strict standards

La Manille’s three-month course reflects its strict standards. The course covers everything from physiology, electricity and lights to facial massage, aromatherapy, botanicals, and business.

Aestheticians are trained in the science of beauty as well as the practicalities of running a business. Students must pass written and practical exams to obtain the license.

Cancio stated that students at her institute study as doctors do, completing over 300 hours of study time during the course. Her course reflects the high standards in certain European countries where licenses are required for beauticians.

La Manille’s signature two-hour facial

Cancio’s dedication to the science of beauty is reflected in her signature two-hour facial. A good facial starts with a skin analysis, so that the aesthetician knows the right products to use on the client.

A microcurrent treatment is an important part of La Manille’s two-hour facial. In this step LED lights are used to stimulate collagen and elastin growth in the skin, and to treat inflammation and pigmentation.

La Manielle has been operating since 2011, and has trained over 50 graduates.


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