Strange Celebrity Beauty Treatments

If you thought laser hair removal machines and botox injections represented the pinnacle of modern beauty treatments, you’d better think again. Male and female A-list stars have been known to pull out all the stops when it comes to looking good on the red carpet, and some have adopted some truly extreme techniques.

Take, for instance, the bird poop facials (aka the Geisha Facial) that have kept the skin of David and Victoria Beckham and Tom Cruise looking youthful. Or even stranger is the use of placenta, which nourishes the hair and makes for a great anti-ageing treatment for the skin (as used by Victoria Beckham, Katie Holmes and Madonna).

Or perhaps you are more into snake venom that is either injected or applied as cream to get rid of wrinkles; leech treatments that help to detoxify the blood; fish pedicures that involve fish nibbling dead skin off your feet; or even haemorrhoid cream to firm up the skin on your face!


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