Software Reduces Risks of Permanent Skin Damage from Laser Therapy

Australian James Bartholomeusz is spearheading the design of new software that minimizes the risk of permanent damage from skin laser therapy performed by dermatologists and plastic surgeons.

30-year-old Bartholomeusz is the global vice-president of product development for US medical device maker Syneron Candela, an organisation that manufactures laser, light, and radio frequency technology used for aesthetic purposes. He attributes the breakthrough development of his software to a ‘wildcard’ strategy, designed to encourage innovation.

The new software provides feedback to the operators of lasers already purchased from the company, via a simple upload. A feedback system of bright lights and beeps provides information about the precise amount of energy being delivered and its impact on the skin.

The algorithm of the software samples the skin at a rate of 1000 times per second. Information is taken from millions of data points and then cross-referenced in real time against records of patients from around the world.

Although the feedback system is mainly used for the treatment of acne scars and wrinkles, it has also proven to be an effective treatment for stretch marks. According to Bartholomeusz, his software can be used for anything to do with improving the skin.


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