Our technical team offers comprehensive support. Whether it’s a minor issue that can be solved over the phone or something more serious that requires one of our technical team to visit your clinic, we’re here to help.

Our clients pay a low, monthly membership fee and gain access to:

  • A highly qualified mobile team
  • Parts on hand – less downtime for you
  • Fast response time
  • Quick turnaround
  • Loan equipment provided
  • 7 days support
  • Same day handpiece repairs

Clinics that are supported by Laseraid can rest easy, knowing that their downtime (and cost in dollars and reputation) will be lessened by a highly responsive team they can rely on.

Because reducing the cost of device ownership isn’t just about having the best pathways to purchase, it’s also about making sure your investment is as profitable as possible.

To learn more, click here or call us on 02 9011 5509