We all make new years resolutions, and why not? A positive change is as good as a holiday, right? Well, really only if you follow through and actually keep the resolution. Like for instance, swearing to yourself that you will have smooth, silky legs next Summer by ensuring your beautician has a Candela laser hair removal system. Here, we’ve listed some great resolutions, that really aren’t all that hard to keep:

Lose Those Extra Few Kilos

Most women want to lose a few extra kilos and while making the promise to themselves on new years day after a few champagnes in the sun, seem to forget. And by the time the next year come around, there’s often a feeling of disappointment for not making it happen. But the fact is, if you do only have a few kilos you want to shed, there are plenty of ways to make it happen.

For instance, cut out sugar in your coffee. Someone who has sugar in their coffee, and drinks coffee several times a day will no doubt lose around 5 kilos in twelve months simply by cutting out the sugar in their hot drinks. Find something you can sacrifice and be strict with it and you won’t have to change anything else about your lifestyle!

Save For That Holiday Overseas

You’ve been saying that you were going to go on that trip overseas for a few years now, but when you eventually get the time off, you just don’t seem to have the right amount of dosh to make it happen. Here are some great savings tips to help you get closer to your dream escape in just one year:

  • Cut down on eating out, instead make your own meals including your lunch to bring with you to work
  • Budget- Look at where you are spending money you could otherwise be saving
  • DIY- If you pay for having lots of things done, then consider taking the extra time to do them yourself, and save the extra cash for your trip
  • Start up a savings account that’s linked to your main account. If you can’t access the savings instantly, you’ll be less likely to spend it.

Have Laser Hair Removal

If you want to get that smooth, hair free look only laser hair removal can achieve, then you should set up some appointments to make yourself hair free by this time next year. Talk to your beautician to ensure they have a Palomar or Candela quality hair removal laser system that will get rid of hairs easily and quickly. Go into your beautician today and book ahead for your follow up sessions. That way, it’s all in your calendar, and you can just go to your appointments as necessary.

This time next year you’ll be cutting all your maxi’s into mini’s to show off those hot, silky smooth legs!

With the right amount of determination and attitude, you can make your resolutions and keep them. As you can see from our list above, sticking to your resolutions is easy, you just need to know how to put things in place, to make them happen without completely disrupting your regular schedule.