What Can You Claim at Tax Time?

Disclaimer – We’re not accountants or tax experts. Please make sure you get your own advice from a qualified professional. You know how everyone’s a horse racing expert at Melbourne Cup time? The same thing happens when tax season rolls around. Your mate who ‘knows you should be claiming your car expenses, your uncle who […]

Why Your Instagram Account Isn’t Getting You Clients

With more than a billion average monthly users and just over a hundred million posts per day, it’s no wonder you want a piece of Instagram’s audience. But, let me guess. You’ve created some lovely looking posts, built a small audience but your engagement (likes and comments) are virtually non-existent. As for Instagram being a […]

Laser Hair Removal, Pre and Post Care Advice, you Need to be Communicating to your Clients?

As a laser therapist we have an important duty of care to provide our clients with correct and thorough treatment care advice. Due to the light tissue interaction provoked by laser, there is a comprehensive list of treatment guidelines that must be met in order to ensure safe and effective treatment results are delivered. The […]

Becoming a Laser Therapist, What Will You Learn in your Laseraid Training?

Whether you are already a beauty therapist or new to the industry entirely, the Laseraid training program has you covered. With tailored content to accommodate your level of expertise, our team of industry leading trainers will work to get you up to speed fast with industry technology, terminology and techniques. So, what will your Laser [...]

Grow your Clinic Flexibly, the Laseraid Subscription Model Explained!

The beauty industry certainly is a unique space, we encounter industry specific constraints, and it can be difficult to achieve the growth you envision. It is for this very reason that the Laseraid subscription model was born. At Laseraid we work to address issues of pivoting industry trends, rapid technological advancements, investing in large capital devices, and dealing with unreliable suppliers. We offer […]

What Is the Best Laser Hair Removal Device For My Clinic

How can you determine which laser you should get for your spa or clinic?* Every clinic is at a different stage in its growth. Some of us have just recently opened and are trying to prove our concept; perhaps in an under, or over-serviced area. Others are established and looking to scale up, and then […]

What Else Can Your Tattoo Removal Laser Do? Expand Your Treatment Menu With Minimal Effort.

Handpicking the right clinic equipment and getting the most utilisation from your investment is crucial. A healthy treatment menu can be easily achieved with a small number of innovative and diverse treatment platforms. This blog is dedicated to those out there who have a Q-switched or Picosecond laser and are interested in maximising their device […]

A How to Guide on On-selling Your Treatment Services.

The essence of any clinic is a detailed and diverse treatment menu. However, it can be challenging to entice clients to experiment with new and exciting treatments. As humans we are creatures of innate habit and sometimes a clinic visit consists of a quick hair removal session and straight out of the door. Readjusting this […]

Formulating a Structured Body Contouring Treatment Package for your Clients

With summer around the corner and the season of laser shifting out of the pipeline, body contouring, and skin rejuvenation are going to be our biggest sellers. Body contouring continues to evolve as a highly demanded and requested treatment particularly in the lead up and during bikini season. However, getting it right requires a detailed […]

Acne Treatment Plan Essentials

Acne is certainly one of the most prevalent skin concerns facing many of our clients. It is a tricky thing to treat and requires a detailed thorough treatment plan to address active acne breakouts as well as post acne scarring. Here are our topic picks for acne treatments that work and will get your clients […]

3 Maintenance Checks to Keep Your Candela Reliable Post Lockdown

With lockdowns lifting and clients more eager than ever to book in for their laser treatments, you don’t have time for device issues. Here are 3 simple steps to keep your Candela laser healthy and reliable during this busy time:   Cleaning the Room A little-known fact about laser machines is that the cleanliness of […]

Complementary treatments that can be successfully integrated into your clients cosmetic injectables regime

Cosmetic injectables have grown exponentially in popularity, and for a good reason they work! Antiwrinkle injectables and dermal fillers can have an immensely positive impact on our client’s overall face structure, symmetry, and proportionality. They also work to smooth out skin texture and give a fuller, fresher, more youthful appearance. But we should not stop […]

Re-imagining Your Clinic After Lockdown

After being shut down for such an extended period, it feels like the industry is opening from scratch. So why not use this time to reimagine your treatment offering and introduce some exciting new services. Here are our top picks for refreshing your treatment menu in time for summer: Carbon Facial Clients are more eager […]

Summer Treatments Your Clients Will Love

Things are heating up in more ways than one. With lockdowns (hopefully) being nearly a thing of the past, we can begin planning for a summer reunited with our friends, family and clients. Those clients will be eager to get out in the Australian sun and as things get warmer, different treatments will become more […]

Delighting Your Clients After Lockdown

After so much time spent in isolation, guess who your clients will be looking to for a confidence boost to get back to reality and face the world again. Yep, you guessed it, you are going to be your clients emotional and skincare therapist. So here is a quick guide to delighting your clients after […]

Your COVID-19 Re-opening Plan

Well, it certainly isn’t our first time around the block when it comes to COVID lockdowns and clinic re-openings. But like before it is extremely important to prepare as much as possible before our doors become inundated with hordes of excitable hairy creatures looking to erase away months of hair growth and scrub away dull […]

Would You Like to Start a Laser Clinic?

Opening a laser clinic or aesthetics business is a rewarding career choice and a proven investment. Your own due diligence will show the strength and and resilience of the industry, but this isn’t for everyone. Those who succeed in our industry tend to focus on a primary treatment that is always in demand (we recommend […]

Getting Your Clients Back Into a Treatment Regime

So, your clients have been locked away at home for months now, and we all know they have fallen into a number of bad habits. They have desperately been trying to maintain their amazing salon results but without the specialised equipment and topicals they have resorted to the bottom of the barrel. You guessed it…at […]

What Will the Aesthetics Industry Look Like After Covid?

Unfortunately the Laseraid time machine isn’t working at the moment, so this blog will include some speculation. In saying that, we’re pretty excited about that future of the industry, and can’t wait to see all your clinics re-opened. So let’s make some educated guesses as to what the beauty industry will look like in a […]

What Treatments Will Clients Want After Lockdown?

We’re all looking forward to getting back in the clinic. Sure, there will be plenty of dusting and tidying and ordering to get done, but then it’ll be the mad rush. Like us, our clients have been stuck at home and they’re hairy, with dull skin and unusually sculpted cores thanks to yoga apps. But […]

Melasma Triggers and Treatments

Pigmentation is one of those hard to avoid skin concerns, it is triggered by many factors including hormones, sun exposure and genetics. Melasma is certainly one of the more complex and stubborn forms of unwanted pigmented lesions facing many of our clients.  In this blog we will explore the common triggers for Melasma and the […]

Understanding Cellulite: Overview, Causes and Treatments

Cellulite is certainly a common cosmetic concern shared by many of our clients. It can have a significant impact on body confidence and self-esteem, but which treatments work and which treatments are just mythical fads? Well let’s start here: What is cellulite exactly? Cellulite appears as uneven textural dimples in certain areas of the body, […]

Planning for the End of Lockdown

More than almost any other sector, the beauty and aesthetics industry understands what it means to ‘ride the COVID wave.’ Lockdowns cause mental and financial anguish. The stress of having a clinic with no customers and delayed bookings and employees who are experiencing their own anxiety. Then the lockdown ends, and the bookings are endless. […]

Laser Hair Removal Techniques You Should Be Using

Whether you’re a reasoned professional or brand new to the industry, you should be using best practice techniques to get the best results for your clients. In this blog, we’ll talk about some laser hair removal techniques you should be using. But if you’d rather just watch a video, we’ve got you covered:     […]

Common Candela Laser Fault Codes

Do you have a fault code on your Candela device? Click on the fault to go straight to the potential fix, or call Laseraid service on (02) 9011 5509. For urgent service and repairs, contact us immediately. Our team has the shortest turnaround time in the industry, parts on hand and technicians available 7 days […]

The Complete Clinic Marketing Guide Part One – Facebook Marketing

With seemingly limitless tools available, choosing suitable advertising platforms can be overwhelming. From Google Ads to the various social networks and from Bing to Outbrain and Adroll, it’s enough to put you off marketing altogether. And that’s before you’ve even started to create the advertising content itself. Our advice – start with Facebook. You see, […]

Reactivating Clients to Grow Your Clinic

One of the most overlooked opportunities within the clinic growth ecosystem is the re-engagement and reactivation of former clients. Those who stopped getting treatments for financial, personal or geographical reasons. They could date back months or years and are potentially receiving treatments elsewhere. In this article, we will discuss tactics to reactivate former clients. As […]

Understanding Different Skin Types

It’s important for all laser hair and beauty practitioners to understand the different skin types as part of the diagnostic process. Poorly diagnosed treatment plans can extend or even eliminate the effectiveness of treatments and so it’s vital that technicians take their time when meeting clients, and manage their expectations accordingly. The various skin types […]

How to Calculate Your Clinic’s Success

When should you purchase another device? When should you remove a treatment or replace it with something else? Is the clinic doing well, where can it improve?   The answer is: The Formula.   You can apply The Formula to your entire clinic or to individual treatments.   For example, you may have to treatments […]

How To Open a Laser Clinic – Finding a Location

Finding the right location for your laser clinic is one of the most frustrating and challenging parts of the journey for an aspiring clinic owner. Dealing with real estate and leasing agents effectively through clearly describing your requirements can streamline the process and mean you’re not wasting your time by visiting unsuitable locations needlessly. The […]

CO2 Laser Treatments

CO2 fractional laser treatments are becoming more popular due to their effectiveness and the multitude of treatments available on the devices. For the sake of this article, we’re going to focus on fractional lasers, rather than outdated ablative lasers. CO2 treatments work by removing the epidermis and penetrating the lower layers of skin with heat, […]

Renting Laser Hair Removal Devices – How It Works

If you are considering purchasing a Candela, Palomar, Spectrum, or any other piece of equipment for a beauty clinic or salon, it would be wise to consider renting. This article will not focus on the obvious advantages of not having to pay a large amount of money upfront or get a bank loan, because the […]

What Is a Carbon Facial?

The Carbon Facial, or China Doll Laser Facial, or Hollywood Peel is a non-intrusive treatment that is ideal for busy clinics. The basis of the treatment is the application of a layer of liquid carbon which is left for about five minutes, allowing the carbon to soak in and solidify on the skin. At this […]

Who Is Your Ideal Client (and How to Attract Them)

Knowing your ideal client is not just a good way to create marketing campaigns that actually work, it’s also a sure-fire way to avoid spending money when you don’t need to. Here’s why your ideal client matters, and how to define them. You can’t be all things to all people Ever seen a clinic with […]

How To Choose a Second-Hand Laser

Purchasing a quality second hand or used laser hair removal device will help you keep costs down while delivering the same quality of service as a new laser. But is it really a good option? Does it end up costing more in the long run? What about servicing and maintenance? Has technology advanced? Let’s answer […]

Clinic SEO Tips – How to Rank on Google in Bing

Search engine optimisation (SEO) should form an important part of your clinic marketing strategy. Firstly, it’s free. Unlike paid advertising on Google Ads Facebook or other platforms, there is no “cost per click” associated with getting potential clients to your site. Also, statistically, SEO generates a higher quality of click more frequently than paid advertising. […]

Treatments You Should Introduce in 2021

Introducing new treatments to your clinic is a decision that should not be taken lightly. After all, you don’t want to waste time, effort and money on something that won’t resonate with your clients. But how do you separate the treatments that will stand the test of time from those that are temporarily in vogue? […]

The Benefits of Buying a Second Hand Laser

Candela lasers are arguably the most popular laser hair removal devices in Australia. Known for their reliability and performance, clinics across the nation have come to depend on them to deliver high-quality treatments, with less downtime. But should you consider a second-hand device? What are the pros and cons? Can you feel comfortable that your […]

Planning for the New Year Slowdown

This time of year can be very exciting. Customers are filling our appointment books with treatments, Christmas is coming up and we are too busy to concentrate on anything apart from doing what we do best. But, following the Christmas surge comes the New Year’s hangover. Figuratively and often literally. Have you put plans in […]

Choosing Low-Impact Facial Treatments

Low impact facial therapies are an important part of your clinic menu. They can also require less time and cost considerably less than other devices. Best of all, clients love them. Here are our tips on which non-invasive treatments you should consider for your business. LED Light Therapy LED therapy encompasses a multitude of treatment […]

Your Mental Health When the Clinic is Going “Okay”

There has been plenty of talk about mental health in 2020. We’ve been shown the heartbreaking struggles of underemployed and unemployed workers, watched entire industries struggle under the weight of lockdowns and the term ‘pivot’ has become synonymous with being forced into an entirely new line of work. But anxiety and depression don’t simply appear […]

Email Marketing for Beauty Clinics

Compared to email, social media and traditional advertising are insignificant. 2.9 billion email accounts exist and while social media channels are measured by average weekly and monthly users, email accounts are overwhelmingly checked on a daily basis. But email marketing is not as visible as it’s more glamourous cousins, so is often ignored. Here are […]

Planning For Black Friday

Black Friday has become something of an annual religious festival. Worshippers bang on shop stores, rip products from the shelves and make Amazon’s developers work hard for their money, almost crashing the site with volumes that can only be described as extraordinary. Are you ready for the biggest shopping day on earth? Here are some […]

Is Electromagnetic Muscle Stimulation the Miracle We’ve Been Waiting For?

Short answer no, longer answer yes…but with a few catches. Electromagnetic Muscle Stimulation, or EMS, is the process of toning muscles through electronic stimulation. it has a rich history of success and notable failures, including being partially blamed (unfairly) for the death of martial arts legend Bruce Lee (it’s actually a very interesting story if […]

Fat Freezing and Why you Should Be Offering It

Cryolipolysis or fat freezing has become incredibly popular over the last few years. But what are the mechanics and the realities of this treatment? This article should give you a basic understanding of how fat freezing works, and why. It Has a Basis in Science Scientists originally became aware of potential aesthetic applications for Cryolipolysis […]

Skin Rejuvenation Treatments – What Should You Be Offering?

Skin rejuvenation treatments are becoming more popular, and many clinic owners and managers are considering adding skin rejuvenation to their treatment menu. But which treatment will offer the best client satisfaction, and the highest return on investment? Start by looking at your existing offering, and asking your clients which treatment they would most like you […]

How to Create a Luxury Experience, Without Spending a Fortune

Some salons and clinics are the dictionary definition of luxury. Chandeliers, art on the walls, and treatments that use ingredients so rare you’re not entirely sure what they are. But a luxury clinic doesn’t need to be expensive. It just needs to be an escape from life. Here are our top tips for creating a […]

Grow Your Clinic – Understanding Your Treatment Journey

Are you offering your clients all the treatments they crave? The treatment journey your clients’ experience could mean you’re allowing them to walk away without everything they want, and that walk may end in a competitor’s clinic. From Diagnosis to Follow-up The most common treatment journey is limited to one or two steps. Perhaps a […]

Lessons for Laser Clinics from Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is booming. That’s not surprising in itself, because it solves an obvious aesthetic problem – people with teeth they’re not happy with can get them repaired and improved quickly and easily (albeit expensively). What is more surprising is how this boom happened. Cosmetic dentistry is nothing new, in fact, the modern veneer has […]

What To Do After Lip Fillers

Before you get lip fillers, it’s important to plan out what you will do afterward. That’s not just immediately after the treatment, but also how will you minimise the impact of the treatment while allowing the enhanced outcomes? Don’t worry, by following a few simple rules (and of course taking the advice of your clinician) […]

Should Clinics Rent Laser Devices?

Laser hair removal devices are by far the most expensive investment in a clinic. Often exceeding $100,000, with many substantially higher, clinic owners most commonly use financing options to start, maintain, and grow their businesses. Recently, rentals have become more popular, but is it better to rent a device or take out a loan and […]

How to Get Your Clinic’s Products Online Now

Try Before you Buy (or sell) Okay, let’s get this out of the way. Platforms to consider include Wix (a complete website solution with a built-in e-commerce solution), WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce, and Ecwid. Importantly, as soon as you mention one of these platforms you will be told by users that certain ones are brilliant while […]

What Is A Clinic Owner’s Job?

Most of us started our own clinics because we were technically good at our job. We were good at customer service, liked interacting with the public, and obviously had a high level of skills and knowledge in laser hair removal, facial treatments or whatever it was for you. So, we started a clinic. Perhaps we […]

What Makes Your Clinic Unique?

“We’re better at this…” “We’ve got loads of experience…” “Our treatments are better…” These are common responses to the question, “what makes your clinic unique?” The major problem with these responses is first, they’re common and secondly, they do not make the respective clinics unique. Why? Because if anyone can claim it – not do […]

Zimmer – A Must-Have for Your Laser Clinic

Whether you are running a tattoo removal clinic, a laser hair removal clinic or anything that has the potential to cause patient discomfort, a Zimmer device can reduce pain, without the associated risks. If you’ve never used a Zimmer before, you’re likely using another form of pain mitigation, such as cryogen spray, contact cooling or […]

Choosing a Microdermabrasion Machine

Choosing the right microdermabrasion device for your clinic may appear simple, and compared to devices such as laser hair removal machines and tattoo removal devices, it is. But it is the small things that will make a big difference, and you won’t discover the importance of those small things until you begin treating clients. Here […]

The Best Laser Clinic in Australia – How You Can Create It

What would the best laser clinic in Australia look like? In this article, we will attempt to define the perfect laser clinic, give examples of crucial elements and hopefully inspire you. Here are the elements that make up the best laser clinic in Australia: 1.Busyness Of course, there are clients coming and going and the […]

Choosing a Tattoo Removal Device

Selecting the right tattoo removal device is important, and depends very much on your overall offering and positioning as a clinic. Below is a list of criteria that you should consider before making a decision. Whether you’re st or are already established, make sure you’re making the right decision for your business. 1.Types of Treatment […]

Are You COVID Safe? Here’s How To Be Sure

Of course you’re COVID safe. When we were finally allowed to return to our clinics, arms bulging with hand sanitiser and wipes, we made sure than physical distance rules were in place and banned anyone with even the slightest sniffle from entering our premises. But being COVID safe isn’t just about doing what you’re supposed […]

Recognising Cognitive Thinking Traps

So far 2020 has come with its fair share of challenges. Unfortunately, for many of us, these challenges are still worsening, and for many others, the repercussions are still being felt. During times of stress and uncertainty, anxiety and fear are common, and it can be useful to understand the reasons behind them. Sometimes, it […]

How to Structure Your Initial Consultations Effectively

We have all experienced a consultation that made us feel engaged, excited and optimistic. Likewise, we have also had consultations that were half-hearted and seemingly designed only to sell additional products and an overcomplicated treatment plan. A well-structured consultation is not only the fulfilling of a promise to your client, it is also an opportunity […]

LED Light Therapy

Light Emitting Diode (LED) Light Therapy is a popular treatment, with many clinics offering light therapies exclusively. Unlike some of its contemporaries, LED treatments were not created for the beauty industry and then proven under scientific scrutiny. Rather, the original idea came from NASA, who were using it as part of plant-based experiments in space […]

The Cryotherapy Facial – Why It Works

Cryotherapy has been around for a while and its claims are heavily based in science. Athletes use cryo treatments to speed up muscular recovery during arduous seasons, cryo treatments are used to remove diseased skin tissue and full body cryo treatments have been exciting people around the world as a supposed ‘fountain of youth. Obviously […]

Hydrafacials – Should You Be Offering Them?

Hydrafacials are the next big thing. In fact, they are already a big thing with their stratospheric popularity translating to a treatment every 15 seconds globally. But is it a viable and useful treatment, and what are the downsides to offering it in your clinic? Why They’re So Popular The detractors say that Hydrafacial has […]

HIFU vs Fractional RF – What’s Best For Your Clinic?

HIFU and Fractional RF treatments are gaining in popularity, especially as clients improve their understanding of what enhances their skin’s appearance. Rejuvenation treatments, thanks to increased scientific interest, are now far more evidence-based than ever. As a result, it’s up to us as practitioners to offer the best solution to our clients. Skin analysers and […]

The Best Instagram Tools for Beauty Businesses

Looking to automate your Instagram? Good idea – we work in the aesthetics industry and our clients expect to see us posting beautiful images that reflect how wonderful we help make them look and feel. Here’s a list of our favourite Instagram tools in each category. Posting and Scheduling Posting and designing your Instagram grid […]

The Government Instant Asset Write-Off – What Is It and Should You Use It?

The Australian Government has announced that it will extend the $150,000 instant asset write-off for a further six months, to 31 December 2020. The purpose of this initiative is to stimulate the economy by encouraging businesses to invest where they may have previously been more cautious. Basically, the government is trying to reinvigorate the economy […]

Facebook Advertising for Laser Clinics

Facebook is the ancient artefact of the social media world, or at least it’s the only “old” platform that still exists at a significant level (I’m talking to you MySpace). Because of this, networks such as Snapchat and Instagram are often seen as the best place for businesses to allocate their marketing spend and effort. […]

Performance Management in Laser Clinics – Getting the Best Out of Your Team

A happy, service orientated clinic is also one that is profitable. The effective management of staff is a massive part of this. In fact, the reason most people leave businesses is ineffective management. The phrase “performance management,” is often associated with the removal of substandard performers, but when used correctly, it can not only help […]

Effective Cross-Selling for Laser Clinics

An effective cross-selling strategy is one of the easiest and most profitable tactics a clinic can use. A direct conversation with a client costs nothing in terms of marketing spend and can be duplicated across multiple encounters. Increasing the average value of a customer is simple and makes an immediate impact on the bottom line: […]

Using a Skin Analyser to Improve Consultations

Skin analysers are a powerful consultation tool, yet they are often underutilised. Here are some tips on how to improve your initial consultation process using a skin analysis device. Prescription Before Diagnosis is Malpractice What’s true in the mainstream medical profession is true for us in the beauty and aesthetics industry. In fact, the nature […]

Microdermabrasion is the Perfect Winter Treatment

In the colder months are the perfect time to introduce microdermabrasion into your list of treatments. Clients speak of the dull skin being transformed, imperfections being reduced and the incredible glow that comes with the treatment. Microdermabrasion also has the advantage of being well-known and relatively easy to implement. A trained aesthetic technician, a treatment […]

Using Data to Evaluate Your Clinic and Treatments

It’s boomtime, and we have certainly earned it. The beauty and aesthetics industry was brought to a halt thanks to COVID-19, but clients have not been shy about filling up the appointments that were finally made available to all of Australia on 1 June. Interestingly, this surge of activity gives us a unique opportunity to […]

Starting a Tattoo Removal Clinic

Tattoo removal businesses are experiencing a boom. This is no doubt due, at least in part, to a generation of terrible decisions, but there is more to it than that. On one side, you have increased accessibility to tattoo removal technologies, making the eradication of bad decisions more accessible, and on the other many tattoo […]

How To Keep Momentum Going After The Post-COVID Boom

If you’re in Queensland, we hope you’re in the thick of it. For New South Wales and Victoria, the surge begins on Monday. Clients, new and old, who haven’t been able to access treatments in months will be banging down your doors, eager for a taste of the normal life they used to take for […]

What Treatments Should You Be Focusing On Now?

As states continue to ease restrictions, which treatment should you be focusing on in order to delight your current and potential clients? Microdermabrasion Any treatment that makes the client look better instantly, following months of at-home treatments (many that have been a complete waste of time) is going to solidify you as a valuable part […]

What are Australian Beauty and Laser Clinics Doing Differently?

As the beauty and aesthetics industry starts to reopen, we are beginning to see interesting trends. Business has changed for everyone, and our industry is no exception, but what are clinics and salons doing differently in a post-COVID19 world? Hygiene and Safety Obviously. Besides the fact that federal and state governments have mandated changes as […]

Fear vs. Anxiety

This is a little different from our usual articles, but based on conversations with clinic owners and friends and family over the last few weeks, it’s important. Here is a situation we find ourselves in: from nowhere, our lives have been turned upside down. Sure, our businesses have closed and – regardless of your opinion […]

Reopening Resources

Download Social Distancing Poster                                                       Download Clinic Checklist                                              […]

Choosing the Right Device for Your Laser Hair Removal Clinic

Please note: the following article is written for those with limited experience in purchasing commercial laser hair removal devices. Your equipment, apart from your expertise and personality, is the cornerstone of your product offering. Choosing the right device for your clinic is a multilayered decision that impacts your business financially, from a product offering standpoint […]

Sensible Social Distancing Measures You Can Take

When we get the go-ahead from the National Cabinet to reopen, it is almost certain to come with requirements to have social distancing practices in place. But this is not only sensible from a general safety standpoint, but also a good way to make your customers feel safe. Here are a few pointers on social […]

Starting a Laser Hair Removal Clinic from Home

So you’re thinking of starting a beauty clinic or salon from home? Get ready for an exciting, and slightly scary ride that has the potential to give you a substantial income and incredible lifestyle. Successful clinics give owners limitless options, from personal flexibility to expanding the business or even building multiple locations – the world […]

5 Marketing Ideas for Re-opening

When we re-open, the entire industry will start yelling and screaming. Specials and limited-time offers will be the flavour of the month as everyone scrambles to reengage clients and capitalise on the post lockdown surge. Here are a few simple, cheap and smart ways you can market your clinic or salon for re-opening: Micro-targeting If […]

You Can Sell Your Device…And Rent It Back From Us!

Let’s get this out of the way. Laseraid’s rental system is designed to optimise cash-flow for businesses in the beauty and aesthetics industry. However, terms, conditions and inspection of your machine are mandatory before purchase. That said, if you’d like to learn more and have a confidential chat, just click here or email enquiries@laseraid.com.au.   At the […]

Hygiene and Safety Ideas for Your Clinic

As politicians discuss a pathway back to normality, we can start to consider the measures that will be required to make sure our clients feel safe and secure when re-entering our clinics in the coming weeks. Of course, as an industry, our hygiene practices are well known, but there’s a chance some of our clients […]

At-home Treatments That You Should Be Warning Your Clients Not To Try

It was bound to happen. Mandatory isolation has meant “how-to,” videos have experienced a renaissance with people choosing to undertake certain treatments without the benefit of a trained professional. Of course, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. At-home facials may not be quite as luxurious or effective as a clinic-based treatment, but it’s certainly better […]

A Petition to Sensibly Re-open the Beauty Industry

Our industry, more than many others, has made sacrifices for the good of the Australian public. Clinics and salons were shut during the very early rounds of restrictions and, as a service sector, options for online sales are limited. This was a sacrifice that was and is necessary. None of us wishes to see anyone […]

First Principles: How To Reinvent Your Clinic

You’ll never get the chance again, none of us will. Our industry, based on history, will remain open for the remainder of our lifetimes. This once-in-100-years pandemic will come to an end, and we will be initially relieved and excited as clients start flowing into our clinics. Then, maybe we will wonder what else we […]

What Will Your Re-opened Clinic Look Like?

When your clinic re-opens, what will have changed? We have discussed the Grand Re-opening Strategy in detail, and hopefully, you are convinced that a pre-COVID-19 clinic should be different from a re-opened one. It’s almost certain that our industry will be re-opened before the virus has been completely wiped out, so our job is to […]

The Safest Option Is To Do Something Extraordinary. The Grand Reopening Strategy, What It Is and Why You Need to Be Planning Now

This crisis will inevitably come to an end. While there is still a substantial argument in the political, scientific and medical communities about when the COVID-19 virus will have been “defeated,” and the timeframe around easing restrictions, a return to normal life is inevitable. In fact, the tide is turning. Consistent, dramatic increases in infection […]

Re-opening Specials – What Should They Be?

That’s right; we’re starting to talk about what you’ll be offering when this whole COVID-19 thing is a distant, horrible memory. Why? Because if you’re ready to go, then your business will have a head-start on everyone else. Let’s not be reactive – planning too much is better than scurrying to put something together at […]

How To Nail Internal and External Communications During COVID-19

Any communications advisor will tell you that the rulebook has well and truly been thrown out with COVID-19. The reasons for this include the universality of the virus – almost everyone on earth is affected – and the varied level of impact, from literal life and death, to economic uncertainty, to localised inconvenience. So when, […]

What Should I Do Now? The JobKeeper Subsidy and Your Business.

Note: During the COVID-19 crisis, everyone’s circumstances are different. The recently announced government JobKeeper subsidy doesn’t apply to everyone, and advice should be sought from the Australian Tax Office and other government sources.   With the announcement of the governments JobKeeper stimulus package, there may be a feeling that we can finally ‘move forward’ and […]

What You Need to Know about the ‘Job Keeper’ Payment

The following is informational only, for details please visit the links below. Today, the government announced their long-awaited plan to minimise the impact of the coronavirus on the job market. The so-called “job keeper,” payment will enable businesses who have experienced more than a 30% loss in revenues to pay their employees $1500 per fortnight. […]

How To Keep Your Clients Engaged While the Clinic is Closed

We all know the old saying, “it’s easier to keep a client than to gain a new one,” but with our businesses closed, how do we keep our most important community members engaged and interested? After all, when this is all over, we will want them to be booking with us and telling their friends […]

6 Ways to Reduce Your Costs Effectively

With the government-mandated shutdown underway, the reality of business has changed overnight. So, it’s crucial to do everything possible to reduce or control costs and keep your cash where it will benefit you most – in the bank. Here are six things you can do to reduce costs. 1. It Takes a Village The situation […]

What Can You Do While the Clinic Is Closed?

With our industry essentially put on hold during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s easy – and entirely reasonable – to be upset and feel isolated and stressed. After all, this type of thing hasn’t happened for over 100 years. But it will pass, and this there are some things you can do now to make sure […]

Frequently Asked Questions

Has the Beauty industry been placed into lockdown?   From the 24th of March, the Prime Minister announced that from midnight Wednesday the 25th, these activities and businesses will no longer be allowed to continue: Amusement parks and arcades Indoor and outdoor play centres Community and recreation centres, health clubs, fitness centres, yoga, barre, spin […]

Thoughts on Marketing During COVID19

Restaurants, bars and clubs are all closing their doors, along with any other location where large groups of people congregate. But you are still open and have taken all the necessary measures to ensure the safety of your staff and clients. But what about marketing? Is it distasteful to promote your business in times like […]

Making Your Clients Feel Safe During Covid19

As the COVID19 crisis continues to unfold, and different measures are put in place, the expectations of our industry are also changing. The burden is now on us to make our clients feel safe and secure and at least somewhat isolated from the increased difficulties and stresses we are currently experiencing. At the time of […]

Hygiene Checklist for Your Business

We have created a basic hygiene checklist for your business. This can be downloaded and used by you, shared with your clients demonstrate your commitment to hygiene and, if you like, it can become part of your business processes. Of course, it is completely unbranded, because it is yours. https://laseraid.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/Checklist.pdf

The COVID19 Rescue Package – What Are You Eligible For?

Please note - this is general advice only Assistance to business to keep people in a job Boosting Cash Flow for Employers The Government is providing up to $100,000 to eligible small and medium-sized businesses, and not‑for-profits (including charities) that employ people, with a minimum payment of $20,000. These payments will help businesses’ and not-for-profits’ [...]

Sources for COVID19 Information

The following is a list of sources for information on the coronavirus. We will continue to update these sources as new ones are referred to us/we discover them. If you know of any reputable sites, please email r.knight@laseraid.com.au and we will review and add it to the list. Government and Health Sites https://www.health.gov.au/news/health-alerts/novel-coronavirus-2019-ncov-health-alert/coronavirus-covid-19-current-situation-and-case-numbers https://www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019 https://www.health.qld.gov.au/ […]

Lessons in Happiness from Denmark

Every year, the United Nations publishes the World Happiness Report, where countries are ranked from lowest to highest with the lowest being the most unhappy, and the highest being happiest. Scandinavian countries are always somewhere towards the top of the list, with Finland and Denmark scrambling for the top spot. What makes people in these […]

Got 15 Minutes? Do One of These Things for Your Mental and Physical Health

Work/life balance is essential, and part of achieving balance is having things you can do that are relaxing, enjoyable and perhaps even distracting. A good “reset” can do wonders for your optimism and productivity. Here are a few things you can do in 15 minutes that might help you achieve that reset. Stretch It doesn’t […]

How to Stay Relaxed, Avoid Anxiety and Maintain Your Composure

Stress and anxiety are destructive and dangerous. The physical and mental impacts of stress have been well documented and scientifically proven, but when you work in a service-based industry like ours, the implications are magnified exponentially. If a new client visits and you don’t feel you gave them optimal or friendly service, perhaps due to […]

Hiring Tips for Clinic Owners

Finding the right people, be it administrative staff, junior clinicians or seasoned professionals who can take on leadership responsibilities, is challenging to get right. Unfortunately, our industry is somewhat reactive when it comes to recruiting new team members, and as a result, we have a statistically high level of turnover. When team members leave, they […]

12 Clinic Marketing Ideas You Can Use Now

You’ve got a massive list of things to do (not least of which is servicing your clients). Somewhere on that list is most likely “coming up with new marketing ideas,” but it is not uncommon for marketing initiatives to remain a secondary priority. So, to get the creative juices flowing, here are 15 marketing ideas […]

4 Things to Think About Before Expanding Your Clinic.

Business growth brings its own set of challenges. Increased revenue can also mean more complexity and additional challenges, many of which can be managed effectively through effective planning. Here are a few things you may want to think about before committing to a new product, machine or location. 1. Are You a Good Manager? If […]

Laser Hair Removal vs IPL – Which Is Better for the Client?

If you Google “IPL vs laser hair removal” you will find numerous articles extolling the virtues of both Intense Pulsed Light and laser hair removal. Many of these articles will say the exact opposite to the previous one based on what they are selling; this one is less painful, this one is faster, etc. This […]

Check out the most popular beauty treatments in Australia!

Gone are the days of having to visit multiple clinics in various locations to service your beauty needs. Beauty clinics are now positioned like your ‘one stop shop’ with a variety of beauty treatments and products available for our beauty pleasure! And we all know there is nothing better than walking into a salon knowing […]

Treatments Should Be a ‘Treat’

Your clients are the lifeline to your business; they are also the key to consistent referrals and repeat business. If your clients have an ‘experience to remember’, they will not only be back to visit you very soon, but will likely rave about it to their friends and family. This is why it is so […]

What Is Microdermabrasion And Why Should You Offer It?

With so many conflicting reports and changes in trends, it’s sometimes unclear what the best treatment is for treating specific areas or conditions. To help you offer the right treatments to your patients, we’ve broken down the facts from the myths about one of the more popular treatments: microdermabrasion. Microdermabrasion is a very common, non-surgical, non-chemical […]

The Different Uses For the Candela Yag and Candela Gentlelas

Up until recently, the laser was a technology commonly known within the beauty and cosmetics industry to assist clients in permanent hair removal. The technology has now been introduced into the realm of skincare and has successfully been able to treat skin issues with minimal pain, effective results and with little to no risk of […]

How to Treat Spider Veins

Laseraid exists to make laser ownership easy and affordable.  We know the industry inside out and can provide you with advice, devices, service solutions, training and consumables, all at affordable prices. Laseraid is highly committed to providing high-quality devices, suitable for every circumstance. Laser machines can be used to treat a number of different conditions. […]

Fixing Your Candela Mini Gentlelase

It is important that your lasers are always in perfect working order so that your business does not suffer. From time to time, lasers can experience faults. To ensure this has as little effect as possible on your business we have compiled a list of the top 5 most common issues that may occur when […]


The GentleYAG laser is a state of the art piece of equipment that effectively treats all skin types including tanned skin, providing unmatched treatment capabilities in permanent hair reduction. The GentleYAG incorporates the patented cryogen cooling system in order to provide patients with a safe and comfortable experience all year round. How to operate your […]

Top 10 Client Questions Answered

Often it can be difficult for therapists to answer questions relating to the concerns of their patients. Knowing the difference between the types of Laser machines and how they vary in effectiveness for laser hair removal or laser skin treatments is important. At Laseraid, we aim to provide the best advice, service, and prices on […]

Which Candela Laser Should You Choose?

Laseraid exists to make laser ownership easy and affordable. We know the industry inside out, and understand that choosing the right laser machine for your business is an important decision. Because we are not a device manufacturer, we are able to offer the gold standard device for every scenario and can provide you with advice on […]


Training as a laser hair removal technician presents an exciting career move. Laser hair removal technicians safely remove unwanted body hair permanently using laser and intense pulsed light (IPL) technology. Laser hair removal is a specialised area of beauty therapy and requires specific training and skillsets to remove hair safely and efficiently. Similar to cosmetologists […]