Organic and Natural Skincare: Is There a Difference?

It is important to understand the difference between ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ skincare products.

Organic ranges consist of ingredients that have been subject to stringent growing, harvesting and processing techniques overseen by an independent certification organisation.

Ingredients are grown without pesticides or chemical fertilisers. That not only makes them good for the environment but more likely to contain anti-oxidants which head off the ageing process in your skin.  Actress Gwyneth Paltrow has long been a fan of organic skincare.

Luckily for Australian consumers, Australia has come of the world’s strictest certification regimes. Looking for the Australian Certified Organic (ACO) logo will ensure you are buying a genuinely organic product.

A product can be ‘natural’ without being ‘organic’, however. As more manufacturers try to ride the wave of environmental and health awareness among consumers, products labeled ‘natural’ may still carry ingredients grown outside the organic certification process using chemical fertilisers or pesticides.


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