New Technology Reduces Laser Hair Removal Risks

The popularity of laser hair removal has grown in the last two years to become the third most requested non-surgical treatment. However, the quality of laser hair removal treatments has not caught up with the demand.

Sabrina Kozak, spa director of New York’s Sensitive Touch Medical Spa, warned that most laser treatment centres are not investing in the latest technology, which could result in less effective treatment and a higher risk of side-effects. Clients blinded by competitive online deals are not taking their time to research the best treatment options available with the latest advances in laser hair removal technology, she said.

Some of the undesirable side effects of laser hair removal include pigmentation, burns, and scars.

However, the Elite MPX laser by Cynosure is completely revolutionising the laser hair removal industry by reducing side-effects and delivering better results for many skin types. The technology makes it possible for an operator to fire multiple wavelengths at one time.

For the most effective treatment, Kozak recommends that clients search for providers who use this kind of cutting-edge laser technology.


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