Mysteries of Laser Hair Removal Explained

There is a lot of uncertainty regarding how laser hair removal works and whether or not it is effective. If you’re looking for a permanent solution to unwanted body hair, then laser removal is definitely the closest you will get: the majority of people find that they can go at least 10 times longer without shaving. While lasers work the best for people with dark hair and light skin, people with olive or dark skin can still get treatments with hair removal machines that use a different wavelength. When you go in for treatment, you can use a topical anaesthetic for the mild pain the lasers cause, but all in all the treatments are very quick and painless if you’re just getting facial areas, bikini lines or underarms done. Of course, all parts of the body can be done, such as the back, legs and arms, but it will take varying amounts of time. Other important things to remember: don’t wax or pluck less than two weeks before, don’t go tanning beforehand, and you should always get a consultation first.


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