Microdermabrasion has long become a brand name in aesthetic treatments and is the world’s second most popular aesthetic procedure. Both leading dermatologists and aestheticians of superstars incorporate this unique exfoliation treatment into their skin care regimes.

What is it?
Microdermabrasion treatments are used to improve the texture and quality of the skin. A small hand piece is passed over the face to loosen and remove the upper layer of dead skin cells, allowing new, healthy skin to shine through. They can take anywhere from 10-20 minutes, with no downtime.

The effects last approximately a month, but can also vary from person to person. The number of recommended sessions is dependent on your client’s skin and the clinic they are attending. A common recommendation is around six sessions at fortnightly or monthly intervals for ultimate improvement.

The treatment is primarily designed to tackle dull, dry or rough skin but is also used to treat acne and reduce superficial pigmentation and fine lines. It is often used in combination with other treatments, such as peels and wrinkle reduction and prevention. As well as polishing and deeply exfoliating the skin, it also promotes lymphatic draining. Though most commonly used on the face, microdermabrasion is also extremely effective when used on the hands, back, chest and neck.

Post Treatment Care
Microdermabrasion treatments are extremely safe and effective. Any redness, temporary flaking and mild discolouration will disappear after the treatment, and can be covered with a light layer of mineral makeup.

Most therapists and clinics will have a number of products on offer to soften, purify and hydrate the skin, and enhance your client’s results.

As a multi-beneficial, pain-free and affordable treatment, microdermabrasion is becoming increasingly popular. Our award-winning Pristine microdermabrasion procedure offers patients a non-invasive and full scope exfoliation treatment that is comfortable and above all extremely effective. For more information on Microdermabrasion or our Viora aesthetic devices, call us today on (02) 9011 5509.

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