The weather is heating up and that means one thing, less clothing is warranted. Think flowing Christmas party frocks and racing outfits that flaunt legs, arms and everything else. While this can send some into panic, it shouldn’t. There are some great ways to get your body into shape for the festive season. From asking your beautician about Candela laser hair removal systems to new hair styles that feel as good as a holiday, we’ve got some great makeover ideas to unveil a whole new you this summer:

New hair, new you

The cooler months can really dry out your hair. As you head into summer, it might be time to give your locks a fresh new look with a shorter, lighter hair do. Visit a hair care professional you trust and have them give you a totally new look for summer you’ll love and is easy to care for. You’ll be walking out of the salon feeling fresh and ready for the summer party season guaranteed!

Body boot camp

We all put on a few kilos in winter. How can you not when the weather permits the eating of everything from Sunday roasts every night, warm pies and creamy soups, as well as an array of hot chocolate puddings and apple pies?! Now it’s summer and you can no longer hide behind that thick woolen coat, it might be time to get your body moving to burn some of that unwanted excess winter baggage. If you find it hard to get motivated when working out on your own, join a boot camp nearby. It will certainly whip you into shape quick smart.

Splurge on a new summer wardrobe

Nothing can lift those winter blues heading into summer than a shopping spree to get your body and your wardrobe ready for summer. Make a list of some of the new items you want to look for on your shopping spree. By writing it all down you’ll be making sure you don’t buy things that you really don’t need.

Change your diet

As the weather heats up, it’s much easier for us to substitute jacket potatoes for fresh salads. Make the appropriate changes to your diet and literally feel that sluggish sensation in your stomach shift. You’re guaranteed to literally feel kilos lighter within just a few weeks by making a few diet changes.

Skin that’s silky smooth

Now that it’s summer you can’t hide those legs for too much longer. Investing in having laser hair removal is a great way to have hot looking legs all summer long without the fuss. Palomar and Candela are systems that are used by the best beauticians to ensure only the highest standard in efficiency and comfort for their clients.

Shed your winter self to reveal a fresher looking you for summer. By following all or just a few of our makeover suggestions you’ll feel like a whole new you, ready to take on celebrations heading into the festive season with confidence.