If you really want to look stunning this new years, we’ve got some great beauty tips you don’t want to miss. From having that healthy, ‘just stepped off the plane from Hawaii’ glow to showing off legs that are silky smooth, there are a few ways to ensure you are jaw-droppingly gorgeous this festive season. As long as you ensure your beauty therapist has the right equipment, from a candela hair removal system to the right products to give you a healthy, streak free tan, you’ll be turning heads throughout the silly season and into the new year.

Hair and Makeup

Sometimes it pays to spoil yourself and have your hair and makeup professionally done. It really does make all the difference. Just make sure that you find a hair stylist and makeup artist you trust.  Ask friends and family members if they have someone they can recommend to you, if you don’t have someone in mind.

To ensure you get the look you want, bring in images of the makeup and hairstyle you have in mind.

That Healthy Glow

Not only can a healthy glow make you look slimmer, but it can also make skin tone appear more even and firm. Getting a quality spray tan means looking great without the skin damage from spending hours in the sun too. Invest in having one of these done leading up to the big party. If you’ve never been to the particular place you are trying out, do a test run. You don’t want to look orange!

Hair Free

Permanent hair removal and reduction has become more and more popular. Palomar, for instance, have a range of hair removal and reduction systems which beauticians swear by. These systems can also help with vascular lesions and can really give you the confidence you want to step out looking your best.

Ensuring your legs are smooth and silky is another important element to ensuring you demand attention on new years eve.

The Little Details

Even noticed how when stars step out on the red carpet they think of everything right down to the last pinky toenail? Of course, they need to, because if one hair is out of place they are likely to be criticised. While you don’t have that pressure, looking great is all about not overlooking the little things. This includes everything right down to:

  • Your finger and toenails- they should be freshly manicured and painted
  • Your accessories should be matching with your outfit
  • Your eyebrows should be shaped and if you have hair above your lip, this also should be addressed.

Overlook Nothing

Looking hot is partly putting in the effort to put your best self forward, but it’s also about being confident in your own skin. As long as you take note of some of the tips above and keep this in mind, you’ll know doubt be the hottest girl at the party hands down.