Mardi Gras is a great time to celebrate and live it up in Sydney with the parade and heaps of events and parties held over a few weeks before and after the parade. From ensuring your beautician has the right Candela laser hair removal system to give you smooth and silky skin, to choosing the right outfit that will have you turning heads, we’ve got the must read tips for Mardi Gras party goers this year:

The Right Outfit

Many people used Mardi Gras as a time to dress up in a fabulous sequin number, or perhaps play dress ups in a nurse or police outfit. Whatever you decide to wear make it bold and sexy. And heels. Don’t forget the sky high stilettos or platforms. They are the must wear shoes for Mardi Gras. As long as you keep this in mind you’ll be able to choose an outfit perfect for the parade.

Hair and Makeup

Mardi Gras is not for wall flowers so think fake eyelashes, brightly coloured eyeshadow and pouting lips. Go outrageous with colour and ensure you use quality products for long wear. You don’t want your face to end up sliding off because you’re sweating it out on the dance floor.

For your hair, consider having a professional style your mane into a dramatic do, or even go one step further and treat yourself to having colour put in. Pink perhaps? If you really don’t like the idea of that, buy a funky looking wig that will do the trick.

Spray Tan

One thing which you should invest in is a great looking, streak free tan. If you’ve never had one done before, have a trial run to ensure you don’t turn out orange. Your beautician should be able to tell you about the best tanning products they have in the salon to give you an even tan that will make you look even more trim, taut and terrific!

Get Sexy Looking Skin

Being hair free on Mardi Gras is a must. The best way to rid yourself of unwanted hair without the risk of rashes causes by waxing or shaving is to have laser hair removal done by your beautician. Palomar and Candela both produce professional laser hair removal systems used by the best beauticians in the business to ensure you hair removal is fast, effective and comfortable. So invest in having this done a few months leading up to Mardi Gras to ensure your legs look luscious and hair free!

So now you’ve got a plan in place for ensuring you look your hottest during Mardi Gras. Now it’s just a matter of finding the right place to show off your hot bod and stunning outfit. Regardless of where you decide to grace them with your presence one things for sure, if you follow the above tips darling, you’ll be turning heads wherever you decide to go.