Laseroptek Lotus III

Product Description


The LOTUS III is a highly versatile Er:YAG laser providing physicians with a flexible approach to customizing treatments with a wide range of settings and modes to opt from. The 40us and 5ms modes enable more skin indications to be treated with minimal downtime for the convenience and comfort of patients.

Switching between ultra-short and ultra-long pulse modes provides more control over treatment approaches and the cold ablation mode ensures to lower risk of post-inflammatory side effects such as hyperpigmentation (PIH).

Device Features:

  • Technology: Fractional Erbium:YAG (Er:YAG) laser
  • Wavelengths: 2940nm
  • Speed: 1-40Hz
  • Modes: USP, SP, Normal, LP, ULP, SM
  • Handpieces: Zoom, Fractional, Collimator, Vaginal



  • Fractional Handpiece: 8x8mm spot size used for the treatment of skin resurfacing, skin rejuvenation and scar revision.
  • Zoom Handpiece: 1-7mm spot size used for the treatment of pigmented or protruding lesions.
  • Collimator Handpiece: 15mm spot size used for the treatment of skin resurfacing and skin rejuvenation

Weekly Subscription Pricing



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