Lasers have been used in medicine since the invention of the first laser in 1960. They are very powerful and effective, as they emit beams of light that can be focused on a very small point and are thus very useful for operations that require high precision. That’s why they have become so popular for treating small imperfections to create a flawless appearance without major surgery.

How have we used lasers since they were invented?

Lasers were originally used in the areas of ophthalmology (eye treatment) and dermatology (skin treatment). In fact, it was only a year after the invention of the laser by Theodore Maiman, that Leon Goldman, a pioneer surgeon at the time, demonstrated how a ‘ruby laser’ that emits red light could be used to remove wine stains, birthmarks and skin melanomas. These days, it would be difficult to practice as a dermatologist or ophthalmologist without the laser technology that has developed over the last 55 years.

Patients with macular degeneration can be treated with laser technology by ophthalmologists. Lasers also play an important role imaging and diagnosis for the early detection of cancer.

Green lasers are useful as the haemoglobin in your blood vessels creates a red pigment, which absorbs green light. They can be used to seal off blood vessels, remove and reduce the size of varicose veins.

What about cosmetic uses?

The first commercial ruby leaser was made in 1962. Today, laser technology has been instrumental in changing the world of cosmetic surgery. Lasers can be used for removing tattoos, birthmarks, unwanted hair and rejuvenating skin to take years off your perceived age!

There are currently many brands of lasers on the market for cosmetic purposes, including Palomar and Candela, both of which are great for hair removal, skin resurfacing, skin tightening, vein treatment, spider vein removal, tattoo removal and age spot removal.  For microdermabrasion treatments, Viora aesthetic devices are the perfect way to experience the second most popular aesthetic procedure among superstars and everyday people in search of flawless skin!

Laser technology has become widely available in Australia as well as the rest of the world, but it can be costly. That’s where we come in. Our purpose is to help you to be involved in laser hair removal and cosmetic technology services at a reduced cost. Inquire today to see how we can get you started!

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