Laser Hair Removal Solves Problems of Hobbit Feet

Hairy ‘Hobbit feet’ are becoming a thing of the past for British men. An ever-increasing number of males are accessing professional hair removal methods to get rid of their hairy feet.

Although permanent hair removal from the feet can cost up to £700, this has not deterred many hairy-footed men, with the number of men undergoing laser hair removal treatment at a dermatologists located near Harley Street, London doubling since last year.

“The fashion has changed: men show more leg and they want their feet to look good,” said Dr Michael Prager, dermatologist.

It is not just ‘metrosexual’ men that are opting for the removal of foot hair. High profile people, professionals, politicians and owners of companies are among those accessing laser hair removal for the feet, according to foot care expert, Margaret Dabbs.

Although expensive, stylish sandals have been available for men for a number of years, and the humble thong can now be quite chic when included as part of a highly fashionable ensemble.

Hobbit feet are renowned for being large and hairy, and were worn by actors on the sets of the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit films. The character of Bilbo Baggins was played by Martin Freeman, who said that the experience was unpleasant on hot days as their feet would get very sweaty.


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