Laser hair removal has changed everything for people who have been unhappy with the amount of hair they have on their bodies. While hair is one of the most natural things possible, the stigma attached to having hair where it ‘shouldn’t be’ can be extraordinarily debilitating for people.

The good news is that laser hair removal has made it easy for people to deal with these issues of beauty in a way that is fast, safe and comfortable. So if you have been holding back from getting laser hair removal done because of some silly myth you’d heard, or other misinformation, get your facts straight, because you are cutting yourself off from a fantastic health and beauty technique. The following myths about laser hair removal are untrue.

It only works on fair skin

The colour of a person’s skin has no impact at all on their ability to use laser hair removal successfully, as the process of removing the hair is in no way related. Regardless of whether you have particularly dark skin or skin that is quite fair, the option of laser hair removal will be available to you either way.

It’s expensive

Considering the huge amount of products that a person uses in an average year on temporary hair removal, laser hair removal actually saves you money in the long run. Laser hair removal equipment is still quite expensive to buy, though as technology has improved such machines have slowly been dropping in price, and with it the price of a treatment has similarly decreased.

It’s painful

The idea that laser removal treatment is in any way painful is entirely untrue, and is clearly the idea of someone who has never experienced laser hair removal themselves. The majority of people describe feeling a ‘tingling’ sensation during the treatment, though that is usually the extent of any ill effects felt. Laser hair removal machines are designed to perform a treatment pain free, so chances are you won’t feel a thing.

It causes ingrown hair

On the contrary, laser hair removal can actually be used to help deal with problem ingrown hairs, which are often caused by wax depilation.

It is unhealthy

The lasers do not penetrate far enough into your skin to be able to do you any real damage, as they normally can’t penetrate further than the hair follicles, or around 1-4 mm into the skin. Sometimes people suffer a reddening of their skin as a result of laser hair removal treatments, but this is the extent.

It causes scarring

Laser hair removal does not cause scarring, as it does not in any way interfere with the integrity of the skin, and does break it in any way.

It makes your hair grow

This obviously isn’t true because otherwise it would be used as a cure for baldness.

All it takes is one session

While it would be nice if this one were true, unfortunately it takes multiple sessions to get ‘hair free’. Hair on different parts of your body has different growing cycles, meaning you may need to target areas for hair removal separately.

Now that laser hair removal has become a fairly common health procedure, the amount of ridiculous myths surrounding it have definitely decreased, though as with anything, your best bet is to research any claims yourself. Don’t let a comment made by a random person on the bus worry you, as chances are they don’t know what they’re talking about.