Laser Hair Removal for Men

Men are looking for permanent hair reduction more than ever before and laser hair removal is quickly growing as the right option

Laser hair removal has traditionally been marketed and thought of as an exclusively female dominated cosmetic procedure. A lot of men used to believe that male hair removal was only for cyclists, body-builders, swimmers, and athletes in general. This perception has been rapidly changing in the last few years. In one study, 33% of men who had not tried laser hair removal would consider it in the future.

Laser hair removal for men is a growing industry and successful marketing and operating practices by clinics and technicians can help grow and improve your business. Some key practices include ensuring that waiting rooms are gender neutral and are discrete in setting to ensure privacy. Providing up-to-date information and having knowledgeable technicians is also very important as some 40% of men are worried about how laser technology works.

It is also important to communicate the necessary preparation process beginning two weeks before treatment.
• No waxing, plucking or tweezing.
• Avoid sun exposure, as a tan increases the risk of pigmentation.
• No cosmetic procedures or skin treatments as the laser can’t be used on broken skin.
• Shave the entire area before treatment.

Key target areas for men include removal of excessive hair on the back, arms, eyebrows, hands and chest. It is important to understand what the desired look and effect that men who come in for treatment want and expect to achieve. For example, a man who has been waxing for many years may expect the same results from laser hair removal and will need more information and guidance throughout the process. As men generally have thicker hair and more muscle mass than women, the hair tends to be coarser and may require more treatments to permanently reduce hair. Using Candela GentleLase technology, hair removal technicians generally find that men require 8 treatments to achieve desired results.

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