Laser Hair Removal For Men, Yay or Nay?

Laser Hair Treatment for Men

Almost all hair removal techniques for areas other than the face are marketed toward women, but are women really the only market?

Is the process the same?

Considering men seem to have thicker hair that grows faster, it seems intuitive the process of hair removal for men would be different, but that’s not so. The actual process is basically the exact same, the only difference likely being the area having treatment. Since laser hair removal works best on darker hair – it’s actually suited quite well to men. 

The swimmer that swear by it

Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte is a huge advocate for laser hair removal, and maintains it’s great for him. Swimmers often shave for quicker movement in the water, and Lochte says that laser hair removal makes him feel like a rocket in the water. 

Advice for men considering treatment

Because men’s hair tends to be thicker, it may take a few more treatments to permanently rid body hair. The most important thing, which is the same for women, is to be consistent in your treatments and not pluck or wax in between treatments. 

So the bottom line is, laser hair removal is great for everyone – men and women alike.

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