Keep Your Eyes Safe in Style!

It’s important to take every precaution when it comes to laser safety for your eyes. After all, you’re taking care of your clients’ as much as possible, pre and post treatment. Keep everyone’s whole body protected and enjoy the wonders of laser technology safely.

Laser radiation damage can happen to your eyes in one blink. Corneal burns, cataracts and vision loss are just some of the dangers you need to avoid. Both customers and laser operators need to treat eye safety as a top priority!

Avoiding eye injuries

We offer safety eyewear, goggles and face shields. With Laseraid, you are completely covered for all your eye protection needs. It’s important to make sure that you seek expert knowledge on which types of safety eye wear is appropriate for the wavelengths produced by your machine.

What types of lenses can I choose from?

Polymer laser eyewear or glass laser eyewear are both available in a variety of colours. Polymer filters are designed to maximise visibility as well as providing excellent reduction in the amount of potentially harmful light passing through the lenses. Glass filters have thermal stability, which is suitable for continuous lasers of medium to high power.

Which styles are available?

The eyecup style is a great way to protect your customers’ eyes without blocking access to areas like the eyebrows and the skin around the eye area. They come in disposable options, which is great for hygiene and safety.

Glasses are also fantastic option, as there is flexibility for different styles. If you have a preference for a specific frame style, they can be fitted with different coloured lenses for protection against different types of lasers.  Some lasers can operate at different wavelengths and you may require different eye protection for each wavelength. For your protection and the safety of your clients, it is important that you choose the correct protective eyewear to match the type of Laser or IPL that you are using.

If you are unsure about the best safety gear for your business, consult us for training options and advice. Feel free to use the message form on our website’s contact page, or call us today on 02 9011 5509.

We offer you the best equipment for affordable prices so that you can offer your clients the best services. Place your trust where over 400 clients have done across Australia and New Zealand for the reassurance you need.

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