Katy Perry Loves Laser Skin Treatment

Katy Perry would have to be one of Hollywood’s hottest celebrities. And we know now it’s partly due to her skin care regime, which she says includes a laser treatment twice a year.

The glamorous pop star claims she avoids any needle-based skin treatments and she’s also not a fan of facials, which can often cause irritation of the skin. Instead she prefers getting treatments that aren’t invasive.

“I don’t do needles,” Perry was quoted on femalefirst.co.uk. “I go for treatment when I can, but I like things that aren’t invasive.”

“I don’t even like facials, as they irritate my skin.”

Another thing Perry does each night before bed is removing all makeup from her face. Perry said that this is the very first thing she does when she gets back from a show. Doing this means she always steps out with clean, blemish free skin.

Katy Perry uses Caudalie Beauty Elixir each night before bed. The spray has grape seed extract and other ingredients that help soothe the skin.

Source: http://ibnlive.in.com/news/katy-perry-about-twice-a-year-i-go-for-a-laser-treatment/419103-45-75.html

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