Important Things to Know when Considering Laser Hair Removal

While the idea of getting laser hair removal treatments may seem a bit distressing at first, it’s good to remember that it’s not as extreme as it sounds. Right before you go in for treatment, you’ll be required to shave the area, but be sure not to pluck or wax the hair for about four weeks in advance or anytime throughout treatment sessions. You will need to go in multiple times for the best results, but more time will elapse between each subsequent treatments and you will need to shave less frequently than you did before. If you would like to have smooth, hairless skin in time for summer, then you need to start your treatments to fall in the winter months. This way you can keep your skin out of the sun, which is important because the laser machines could damage skin that has been recently exposed. To help the process along and get the best results, use an exfoliator to remove the dead hair from the follicle during the course of your treatment.


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