So, you’ve decided to take the plunge and get laser hair removal. Good for you–you won’t look back! Now, for the hard part: choosing the right clinic. Like any business, not all laser hair removal clinics are created equal, so it requires a bit of fishing and research on our part as clients to ensure we’re going to get the best service at the best price. Choosing a clinic is an individual process for everyone, and as our needs vary from person to person, different elements will be important to each person. From laser hair removal machines to friendly, approachable staff, we’ve got a list of tips for you on how to choose the right clinic. Happy hunting!

  • Word of Mouth. Talk to your friends and colleagues about where they get their laser hair removal procedures performed. You’re likely to find out a lot about a place by talking honestly to your friends about everything from the service to the cost and the results.
  • Staff. There’s nothing worse than a bitchy or disinterested staff member performing an intimate procedure like hair removal on you. Look online for reviews of service for different places and do your own research by talking to the staff beforehand on the phone.
  • Cost. Cost can vary greatly when it comes to laser hair removal, and while this is in part due to different equipment being used and different locations, it’s worth your while to put in some research and discover where the difference in price is coming from. If it’s simply a matter of one clinic offering better prices to attract more customers while providing the same service, go for it!
  • Equipment. While up until recently certain skin and hair colours were simply not candidates for hair removal, innovations in technology have meant that these days a lot more is possible. If you’re someone with a difficult hair type, it’ll be very important for you to ensure that a clinic you choose uses the right kind of equipment. Apart from that, everyone considering laser hair removal should ensure that the equipment being used is high quality, so find out which machines have the best reputation and seek them out. Palomar and Candela are a few that spring immediately to mind.

When choosing a laser hair removal clinic, take your time. It’s worth the wait to find the best possible fit for your needs, and the results will speak for themselves!