Generations Choose Bare Pubic Area

Eve Ensler’s play, the Vagina Monologues, is internationally renowned and performed. The play is incredibly successful and popular, largely because of the way that it has illuminated discussions about the vagina.

In one section of the play, the agonising process of removing pubic hair is featured. In this part of the production, a woman details the painful removal of the hair in order to satisfy a sexual partner.

At the time that the play was first produced (1996), desiring sex with a woman free from pubic hair was thought to be something of a fetish.

For women (and men) who represent generations where having pubic hair is assumed, vaginas are not a typical conversation topic. Many people who belong to these generations have found that awareness of young women intentionally opting to remove their pubic hair is a realisation that has crept up gradually.

Apparently, gynaecologists see an ever-increasing number of women devoid of pubic hair in their surgeries and the pre-holiday checklist of a young woman is now likely to include items such as: arrange for pets to be fed, change currency and have full Brazilian wax.


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