Fraxel Treatment for Sun Damaged or Scarred Skin

Laseraid’s Starlux pulsed light system is among the most advanced on the market for fractional skin resurfacing.

For many patients with problematic facial skin, fractional resurfacing treatments can be a safe and easy treatment option. Commonly known as “fraxel,” the procedure is used to effectively treat wrinkles and fine lines, acne scars, and sun damaged or aged skin. Laseraid’s Palomar StarLux is one of the world’s most advanced pulsed light systems. Designed for a variety of skin types, this versatile machine can perform laser hair removal as well as ablative and non-ablative skin resurfacing, photofacials for pigmented skin, removal of vascular lesions, skin tightening, leg vein treatment and acne scarring.

As fraxel treatments generate buzz in the media, more and more people are flocking to this transformative technology. For patients whose skin is ageing prematurely or has visible acne scarring, fraxel resurfacing can help achieve smoother, fresher, younger looking skin, improve tone and texture, diminish pores, remove brown spots, acne scars, surgical scars and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Fractional resurfacing works by treating thousands of microscopic areas of skin, using laser energy that penetrate beneath the skin’s surface to eliminate old and damaged skin cells. This stimulates the body’s healing process by replacing damaged skin with glowing, healthy skin. Treatments target between 5 to 50 percent of the skin’s surface, leaving the remaining skin to heal the treated areas. The treatment is so precise that it is safe to use on delicate areas like the face, neck, chest and hands. Most patients report feeling a sun-burned sensation which dissipates within a few days.

The results are both immediate and progressive. Following the procedure, patients can expect to see an immediate difference once the healing process is complete. Skin will appear softer, brighter and the tone will become more even. Progressive results occur over the next year as the deeper layers of skin continue to heel. Clinical studies have shown that maximum results appear after 3 to 5 sessions spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart.

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