Fast Track to Fixing Age-Damaged Skin

Some skin damage is extrinsic – think sunlight, poor diet and smoking – while other damage is intrinsic as skin cell turnover naturally winds down. However, there are plenty of quick fixes!

For line-free skin, use moisturisers or purpose treatments containing retinol to boost collagen production which fills out lines, and sun-filters that keep line-causing UVA rays at bay. An alternative to the well-known Botox is Fraxel lasering, which evens out fine lines.

For well-hydrated skin, exfoliate to allow moisturisers to penetrate, and then choose products containing glycerine, dimethicone or hyaluronic acid to boost moisture retention. Your dermatologist can recommend prescription creams containing ceramides for really dry skin.

To banish mid-age break-outs, choose anti-acne products designed for mature skin. Your dermatologist can prescribe antibiotics, the contraceptive pill, or the drug spironolactone, and apply laser treatment or phototherapy.

To lighten age spots and freckles which are all caused by sun damage, specific beauty products are available that lighten them. Continue to keep spots at bay with a 30 SPF sunscreen.

One dermatologist claims there is no better treatment for age spots than the Q-switch Ruby laser. One treatment is all it takes to rid your skin of these unwanted marks.


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