Experiencing a Polish Soviet-style Spa

Spas in Central and Eastern Europe offer thermal water therapy at cheap rates. Passing a few therapeutic days in a traditional-style spa such as those in Poland is popular with tourists on a budget.

These spas are usually focused on providing more therapeutic value than beauty spas are. They provide masseurs who help to unknot tired muscles and relieve sore backs, a sometimes painful but always beneficial process.

The Polish thermal resort Cieplice is one of the more renowned in the area. There is a 12-month waiting list of retirees and other citizens who plan on taking a cure at this resort for free through the Polish national health service, but travellers can skip the queue by paying the daily rate.

The program includes meals in the form of traditional Polish food, daily spa treatments, thermal baths, and accommodation. Extra treatments, such as water electrostimulation, peat enemas, and liquid nitrogen cryotherapy, are optional and available for an inexpensive rate.

Source: https://www.independent.co.uk/travel/europe/the-polish-soviet-style-spa-experience-8557381.html

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