Starting up a beauty business can be a fantastic way to make a living, as these days it seems like more men and women than ever are putting extra time and energy into the way they look. However, to run a successful beauty business, you are going to need to have some essential supplies, with the following items all important ones that any beauty business really should have.

Styling chairs

A big part of any beauty business will always be making sure your clients’ hair is done just right, and for this you are going to need at least one decent styling chair. You can often purchase styling chairs second hand, but even so, expect to have to pay a pretty penny for a nice one.

Hair styling tools

To be able to work your magic on your clients’ hair, you will need to have all of those important hair styling tools, such as curling irons, hair straighteners, rollers and blow dryers. Depending on how big a business you plan on running you may need to have several of each of these important items on hand at any one time.

Hair removal equipment

A lot of people look to beauty businesses to help them deal with unwanted hair, so you are going to need to have a few of those all-important hair removal machines and tools on hand. Tweezers, shavers, razors, laser hair removal equipment, wax and waxing supplies will all be crucial for any beauty business. So make sure you have hair removal equipment covered, because you will be missing out on a lot of business if you don’t.

Shampoo bowls

Apart from those luxurious shampoos and conditioners, you are going to need to have some large shampoo bowls as well to help you take care of business, as your clients are unlikely to be too fond of washing or rinsing their hair in the sink.

Hair cutting tools

One of the most important pieces of beauty business equipment are those crucial hair cutting tools, so don’t even think about opening your doors without first collecting all those various hairdressing scissors, combs, clippers, shavers and razors.


No beauty business is complete without lots of mirrors, as you will need them to be able to see what you are doing, and of course for your clients to check out how good they look when you are done beautifying them.

Massage table

Massage has become an increasingly popular part of health and beauty care, as many have realised that stress levels can have a hugely negative impact on your overall health and beauty. If you are looking to maximise the number of ways you can bring in new customers to your beauty business, a massage table is a worthwhile investment — providing of course that you know how to give a good therapeutic massage.


The lighting is absolutely crucial in any beauty business, because whether you are applying makeup or plucking someone’s eyebrows, you are going to need to be paying attention to even the smallest of details. Apart from having high output bulbs in your overhead lighting, invest in some additional lighting and bring in some funky lamps, because in a beauty business, being able to see is extremely important.