EMS Shape

Product Description

The EMS Shape is based on HI-EMT (High Intensity Electromagnetic Muscle Training). It works to elicit muscle contractions, tricking the body into thinking it is exercising. These contractions result in muscular hyperplasia (increase in the number of muscle fibres) and muscular hypertrophy (increase in the volume of these fibres).

Typically, it is your body that triggers your muscles into action by sending electrical impulses from the brain through to the central nervous system. However, using an EMS device allows the body to involuntarily engage in deep intense muscular contractions without actually activating the central nervous system, joints and tendons. The body cannot distinguish the difference between a voluntary contraction and an electrically induced one.

Features Include:

  • Four simultaneous treatment applicators
  •  Up to 30,000 muscle contractions per session
  • Programable Intensity of contraction range from 10-100%
  • Programmable frequency (Hz) of muscle contraction ranges from 1Hz – 38 Hz
  • Total time for session: Up to 30 mins

Treatment Areas


Curved and Flat Applicators:

  • Both curved and contouring applicators for use on various anatomic areas including legs, arms, abdomen, back and stomach

Pelvic Floor Applicator:

  • Pelvic floor muscles can become weaker over time due to pregnancy, childbirth, and lowering oestrogen levels as a result of menopause
  • A weakened pelvic floor, can impact bladder control, causing involuntary bladder leakages
  • The EMS Shape Pelvic Applicator works to restrengthen the pelvic for by eliciting strong muscle contractions above the level possible through Kegels and physiotherapy

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