Effectiveness of Fractional Laser Treatment for Old Burn Scars

There may be new hope for old burn scars, according to a new study by researchers at the University of Copenhagen. Dr Merete Haedersdal’s study has found that the appearance of burn scars can significantly improve after being treated with a fractional laser.

The study involved using fractional nonablative lasers on 20 patients who had old burn scars.

The treatment was carried out over the course of three months, and used special techniques that deliver the laser beams both superficially and deeply into the burn tissue. A control group or untreated group was used to evaluate the efficacy of the treatment, so that the researchers could compare treated and untreated skin.

While there were no major differences between treated and untreated tissue after a month, there were noticeable differences at the three-month and six-month intervals.

Dr Haedersdal noted that fractional treatment yields continued improvement over time, even months after treatment ceased.

The study also found that transplanted skin responded better to fractional laser treatment than non-transplanted skin did to the same laser treatment.

Source: http://www.skinandallergynews.com/news/medical-dermatology/single-article/fractional-laser-offers-new-hope-for-old-burn-scars/8430270ce56815d14bc155e857005f40.html

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