DJM Metis

Product Description

The DJM Metis is an integrated diagnostic and treatment planning tool. It allows you to observe skin conditions which appear below the skins surface and are not visible to the naked eye. The Metis utilises patented skin fluorescence and lighting technology, to reveal underlying skin concerns. This allows you to work with your clients in a proactive manner, getting on top of skin concerns before they become more prolific. The Metis provides a more confident and informed approach to skin consultations and also enables you to maintain accurate and comparable before and after images.

Features Include:

  • iPad Compatible
  • 5 Spectrums
  • 10 Filters
  • Downloadable Reporting

Useful for the Diagnosis of:


Natural – Daylight Filter

  • Soft light from different directions is scattered over the face, shows details without any shadows
  • Does not highlight specific skin concerns, simply provides a clear objective picture to be used as a base for comprehensive assessment.

Cross Polarisation – Deeper Layer Filter

  • The surface of the skin reflects light. In cross polarised light, this reflection is reduced.
  • This allows us to observe the uneven skin tone and the structure of blood capillary hidden under the epidermis.
  • We are able to see underlying skin concerns more vividly

Parallel Polarised – Surface Lines Filter

  • This mode is the opposite of the cross polarised light mode, it enhances the visibility of the skin surface.
  • It enhances the surface optical reflection, displaying details of skin structure, pores and fine lines.

UV Light – Sun Damage Filter

  • Small amount of harmless UV light of 365nm is scattered over skin, penetrates skin surface, the tissue absorbs the light and converts it to fluorescent light, focusing it back to the surface.
  • This allows us to see problems hidden under the skin’s surface.

Wood’s Light – Oil Secretion Filter

  • Named after Robert Wood, the Wood’s Light mode uses UV light of 320-400 nm
  • It enables us to see vitiligo, pigmentation, various fungi and bacteria, and secretions of oil
  • The active sebaceous glands, oil film distribution and intensity and depth of inflammation can be observed

Biological Ageing Filter

  • Biological Ageing Filter amplifies the discolouration and pigmentation of the skin to allow unevenness due to age to be better identified

Sensitivity Filter

  • Healthy skin appears as pink and white colorations on the image
  • Red colorations on the image depict areas of inflammation, pimples, sun exposure, allergies, and blood circulation

Melanin Filter

  • You can clearly see the distribution of melanin in this filter
  • We are able to analyse chloasma, brown glaucoma, age spots and hidden pigments

Spot Map Filter

  • You can clearly identify the position of before and after treatment improvements via the grid segmentation.

Blemish Forecast Filter

  • Based on the first nine models of facial analysis data, DJM cloud computer can accurately calculate the future distribution of facial spots and pigmentation

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