Re-imagining Your Clinic After Lockdown

After being shut down for such an extended period, it feels like the industry is opening from scratch. So why not use this time to reimagine your treatment offering and introduce some exciting new services. Here are our top picks for refreshing your treatment menu in time for summer: Carbon Facial Clients are more eager […]

Delighting Your Clients After Lockdown

After so much time spent in isolation, guess who your clients will be looking to for a confidence boost to get back to reality and face the world again. Yep, you guessed it, you are going to be your clients emotional and skincare therapist. So here is a quick guide to delighting your clients after […]

Your COVID-19 Re-opening Plan

Well, it certainly isn’t our first time around the block when it comes to COVID lockdowns and clinic re-openings. But like before it is extremely important to prepare as much as possible before our doors become inundated with hordes of excitable hairy creatures looking to erase away months of hair growth and scrub away dull […]

Getting Your Clients Back Into a Treatment Regime

So, your clients have been locked away at home for months now, and we all know they have fallen into a number of bad habits. They have desperately been trying to maintain their amazing salon results but without the specialised equipment and topicals they have resorted to the bottom of the barrel. You guessed it…at […]

What Will the Aesthetics Industry Look Like After Covid?

Unfortunately the Laseraid time machine isn’t working at the moment, so this blog will include some speculation. In saying that, we’re pretty excited about that future of the industry, and can’t wait to see all your clinics re-opened. So let’s make some educated guesses as to what the beauty industry will look like in a […]

What Treatments Will Clients Want After Lockdown?

We’re all looking forward to getting back in the clinic. Sure, there will be plenty of dusting and tidying and ordering to get done, but then it’ll be the mad rush. Like us, our clients have been stuck at home and they’re hairy, with dull skin and unusually sculpted cores thanks to yoga apps. But […]

Your Mental Health When the Clinic is Going “Okay”

There has been plenty of talk about mental health in 2020. We’ve been shown the heartbreaking struggles of underemployed and unemployed workers, watched entire industries struggle under the weight of lockdowns and the term ‘pivot’ has become synonymous with being forced into an entirely new line of work. But anxiety and depression don’t simply appear […]

Are You COVID Safe? Here’s How To Be Sure

Of course you’re COVID safe. When we were finally allowed to return to our clinics, arms bulging with hand sanitiser and wipes, we made sure than physical distance rules were in place and banned anyone with even the slightest sniffle from entering our premises. But being COVID safe isn’t just about doing what you’re supposed […]

Fear vs. Anxiety

This is a little different from our usual articles, but based on conversations with clinic owners and friends and family over the last few weeks, it’s important. Here is a situation we find ourselves in: from nowhere, our lives have been turned upside down. Sure, our businesses have closed and – regardless of your opinion […]

Reopening Resources

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