Your Mental Health When the Clinic is Going “Okay”

There has been plenty of talk about mental health in 2020. We’ve been shown the heartbreaking struggles of underemployed and unemployed workers, watched entire industries struggle under the weight of lockdowns and the term ‘pivot’ has become synonymous with being forced into an entirely new line of work. But anxiety and depression don’t simply appear […]

Are You COVID Safe? Here’s How To Be Sure

Of course you’re COVID safe. When we were finally allowed to return to our clinics, arms bulging with hand sanitiser and wipes, we made sure than physical distance rules were in place and banned anyone with even the slightest sniffle from entering our premises. But being COVID safe isn’t just about doing what you’re supposed […]

Fear vs. Anxiety

This is a little different from our usual articles, but based on conversations with clinic owners and friends and family over the last few weeks, it’s important. Here is a situation we find ourselves in: from nowhere, our lives have been turned upside down. Sure, our businesses have closed and – regardless of your opinion […]

Reopening Resources

Download Social Distancing Poster                                                       Download Clinic Checklist                                              […]

Sensible Social Distancing Measures You Can Take

When we get the go-ahead from the National Cabinet to reopen, it is almost certain to come with requirements to have social distancing practices in place. But this is not only sensible from a general safety standpoint, but also a good way to make your customers feel safe. Here are a few pointers on social […]

Hygiene and Safety Ideas for Your Clinic

As politicians discuss a pathway back to normality, we can start to consider the measures that will be required to make sure our clients feel safe and secure when re-entering our clinics in the coming weeks. Of course, as an industry, our hygiene practices are well known, but there’s a chance some of our clients […]

At-home Treatments That You Should Be Warning Your Clients Not To Try

It was bound to happen. Mandatory isolation has meant “how-to,” videos have experienced a renaissance with people choosing to undertake certain treatments without the benefit of a trained professional. Of course, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. At-home facials may not be quite as luxurious or effective as a clinic-based treatment, but it’s certainly better […]

A Petition to Sensibly Re-open the Beauty Industry

Our industry, more than many others, has made sacrifices for the good of the Australian public. Clinics and salons were shut during the very early rounds of restrictions and, as a service sector, options for online sales are limited. This was a sacrifice that was and is necessary. None of us wishes to see anyone […]

What Will Your Re-opened Clinic Look Like?

When your clinic re-opens, what will have changed? We have discussed the Grand Re-opening Strategy in detail, and hopefully, you are convinced that a pre-COVID-19 clinic should be different from a re-opened one. It’s almost certain that our industry will be re-opened before the virus has been completely wiped out, so our job is to […]

The Safest Option Is To Do Something Extraordinary. The Grand Reopening Strategy, What It Is and Why You Need to Be Planning Now

This crisis will inevitably come to an end. While there is still a substantial argument in the political, scientific and medical communities about when the COVID-19 virus will have been “defeated,” and the timeframe around easing restrictions, a return to normal life is inevitable. In fact, the tide is turning. Consistent, dramatic increases in infection […]