Cosmetic Laser Leasing and Buying Options

A laser equipment shopping guide

As technology is becoming more advanced and prices are coming down, lasers are fast becoming the simplest and most efficient way to remove unwanted hair. Laser technology falls in an interesting space between medical and aesthetic – a relatively simple yet high-tech procedure that must be operated by a trained technician to achieve maximum results. As more devices flood the market every year, shopping for these devices is becoming increasingly tricky. This article will help you navigate important points when shopping for laser hair removal technology.

The first step to choosing a laser device is determining your budget and client demographic. Be realistic about your budget- there are a range of buy or lease options and payment plans to suit every clinic.

Purchasing a laser has a number of key pros and cons. There are the advantages of having an in-house device as well as the potential financial returns and profits on the investment. Disadvantages include a large initial investment coupled with loans or financing fees, higher usage costs, and the potential that the equipment may become obsolete. If choosing to rent, there are significant advantages as well, including little initial investment and maintenance fees, as well as access to the most recent equipment. On the flip side, a rented machine is not a fixed business asset and has no property value.

Understanding the warranty and servicing options are important next steps. The more you understand about your device, the better. The high cost of laser ownership, either rented or purchased, make it an important asset to the business and one that must be very well maintained. With comprehensive training included in the rental and purchase of all Laseraid equipment you are ensured to have a very good understanding of the correct maintenance procedures.

If you have already gone through this entire process, then the last step should be easy: demo the machine. By using the machine yourself you are able to understand how user-friendly it is and how easy it will be to manipulate. This is also important because you can discuss any necessary training processes and guidebooks or manuals necessary to operate the machine.

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