Conference Call of 2013 First Quarter Results Held by Palomar Medical Technologies

The quarterly conference call of results achieved in the first quarter of 2013 was recently held by Palomar Medical Technologies, Inc. This organisation is a leader in the research and development of light-based systems for cosmetic treatments.

In the Investor Relations section of Palomar’s website, a live webcast of the conference was made available and was kept in the online archive until May 9th, 2013.

Palomar is recognised as one of the foremost companies in the research and development of aesthetic treatments that are light-based. The organisation is the pioneer of optical hair removal and, in 1997, it delivered the first high-powered laser hair removal system.

Many contemporary advances and discoveries in light-based hair removal have their foundations in Palomar technology.

Throughout the world, millions of aesthetic procedures based on laser and light are carried out in doctors’ offices, clinics, spas, salons and private homes.

The markets of aesthetics and surgery are set to be broadened and diversified by many of the innovative and exciting applications currently being tested by Palomar.


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