Beauty Secrets for the Party Season

Are endless holiday parties and get togethers starting to take a toll on your beauty look? Shonagh Walker from Body+Soul reveals her remedies…

  1. A dull pallor and red cheeks commonly accompany late night parties and plenty of indulgence. Dilute any alcoholic drinks or seriously cut back on alcohol, and drink plenty of water. Microdermabrasion machines are also great for bringing skin back to life.
  2. Puffy eyes and dark circles can be mitigated by drinking water and exercising to boost circulation, and concealer will help hide discolouration in the meantime.
  3. Party season is harsh on hair, but investing in a good blow-dry will keep your hair looking good throughout the week. On day two, use a spray dry shampoo to give your hair a boost.
  4. Late nights, early mornings, alcohol and an unhealthy diet often cause breakouts. Always have your favourite face wash on hand so you’re not tempted to sleep in make-up, and use mattifying products that have anti-redness and calming properties.
  5. A lot of stress and not enough sleep wears down your immune system, making you more prone to cold sore breakouts. Eat a balanced diet with immune-strengthening supplements, or ask your GP about anti-viral medication.


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