Ageism Pushes Women to Have Plastic Surgery

Statistics show that almost a third of workers over the age of 45 believe they have faced discrimination in the workplace due to their age. There’s no doubt about it, ageism is running rampant.

For many women this means they want to stop the clock or at least slow it down by investing in their skin through laser, Botox and dermal filler treatments. Some women will even go under the knife to preserve themselves in the workplace.

It’s important to note that these women aren’t trying to look like 20-somethings once again. Instead it’s about looking like they’re in their late 30’s for longer.

43-year-old Debbie works as an educator for a skincare manufacturer. She constantly feels the pressure to look vibrant and have plump skin forty hours a week. Her regime includes regular Botox and annual laser peels as well.

Kaye Scott of The Clinic in Bondi said that she is seeing more patients wanting to look younger and fresher. This is as younger 25-year-olds are becoming more qualified, and then competing with older, more experienced women for the same position.


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